The Black Stallion Legend #2020

The Black Stallion Legend Walter Farley The Black Stallion Legend Alec Ramsey has fled Hopeful Farm in order to alleviate his grief over Pam s sudden death He and the Black are aimlessly wandering through the Arizona desert when they hear an amazing Native American

  • Title: The Black Stallion Legend
  • Author: Walter Farley
  • ISBN: 9780679826996
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Black Stallion Legend Walter Farley Alec Ramsey has fled Hopeful Farm in order to alleviate his grief over Pam s sudden death He and the Black are aimlessly wandering through the Arizona desert when they hear an amazing Native American legend The end of the world is near, but help is promised from a rider on a black horse Alec shrugs off the wild tale until disaster strikes from the sky Suddenly the fateAlec Ramsey has fled Hopeful Farm in order to alleviate his grief over Pam s sudden death He and the Black are aimlessly wandering through the Arizona desert when they hear an amazing Native American legend The end of the world is near, but help is promised from a rider on a black horse Alec shrugs off the wild tale until disaster strikes from the sky Suddenly the fate of an entire native tribe is in his hands and the mighty Black is faced with a challenge greater than any race
    The Black Stallion Legend Walter Farley

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      242 Walter Farley
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    One thought on “The Black Stallion Legend”

    1. For a horse book, and for a Black Stallion book, this story is pretty ridiculous I had no idea that there was an apocalyptic Black Stallion story, but there is, and this is it I see now here on that this was the 19th book in this series, so maybe the author was running out of ideas for things that could happen to his characters, but seriously, a worldwide apocalyptic disaster meteors, massive worldwide earthquakes, massive destruction, volcanic eruptions, etc just seems a bit out there And I lov [...]

    2. What the HECK was that Seriously, this was as if you had taken a room full of people who had read the Black Stallion books many times, so they were familiar with the story lines, and had them round robin writing a book It was just absolutely wacko.The shrink mentions, those I could accept Given the supposed time period, and the fact that when you step back and think about it, the whole SERIES only takes place over the course of maybe, MAYBE, 7 or 8 years Alec has gone through some SERIOUS trauma [...]

    3. As a book in a series about a horse, this is lousy As a father s meditation on what the world looks like after he s lost his daughter, this is powerful The story, as story, isn t much it s implausible and goofy and nonsensical in the extreme But the central theme, how to go on living after the death of someone deeply beloved, redeems this in my eyes, at least This last of the Black Stallion books has no races, no Henry to speak of, but most of all, it has Pam s ghost in every word I can t recomm [...]

    4. This book was great and vary underrated view spoiler The stress of competitive racing is catching up to Alec, so is all that he s been though over the past several years When Pam dies it hits him hard and he can t think straight He ends up on the road, with no idea where he s going or how he ended up there, but had still made sure to bring the Black with him.He ends up on a mountain, following a herd of wild horses and pretending to be a horse I loved that part He soon meets a tribe of people wh [...]

    5. The best thing about this book is the cover I used to have a first edition of this, but I wound up giving it away Pretty lousy book overall but with some nice prose passages here and there An incredibly disappointing entry in the Black Stallion series It s hard not to read this without wondering what possibly could have gone on in Farley s head while he was writing it Walter Farley seemed to have major anger issues against the Black, Alex and the whole world to put it politely.

    6. I really don t care for cliffhangers, which is what happened in the end of this book However other then that I truly enjoy reading the final fully written book of Walter Farley The end of the world concept was just as strong back then as it is today Walter Farley s writing will truly be missed.

    7. And the world was gone Pretty much sums up everything Whatever else he may have done or been trying to do with his final three books, Farley carefully and, I think, deliberately pulls apart the world he spent so many years building In Ghost, he destroys Alec as a boy we once knew In The Girl, he destroys Alec as a jockey, Henry and the magical relationship between Alec and the Black we all loved In Legend he destroys whatever remained of the world of The Black Stallion.Whether he was just tired [...]

    8. Anyone growing up in the eighties, nineties, or even before has heard of the Black Stallion It was such a popular book series that everyone had at least one of the books This book, The Black Stallion Legend, is actually the last book in the series there was one written after but it s a prequel and it was written over forty years after the first book was Which may account for why it s such a drastic change from the original tone of the series And while you don t necessarily have to read the rest [...]

    9. The Black Stallion Legend starts out describing Alec s career as a jockey Then he describes his relationship with Pam, and how much he misses her view spoiler Just when he is about to leave to visit Pam in Europe, he reads about her death in the newspaper He goes into a crazy state of mind after passing out in the snow He runs away putting Black into the horse trailer and driving aimlessly He doesn t remember what happened after he read the newspaper, only that he is glad for Black s companionsh [...]

    10. Well that was quite possibly the weirdest Black Stallion book I ve ever read and I remember thinking the Island Stallion book with the aliens was pretty weird as a kid It wasn t horrible, nor was it great It went from Alec s disjointed flight of insanity and depression in a heartbreaking study of despair and what people go through with the loss of a loved one This aspect of it made it compelling The journey of a soul crushed to the bone then heal from it has a strange pull for me.The journey, ho [...]

    11. WEIRD In the beginning, after heaaring about Pam s death, Alec goes into a weird, state Almost like he was asleep He loads the Black into a trailer with hay, bedding, etc and gets into a truck without even knowing it, regaines conciousness at the steering wheel, and drives away without even knowing he has a trailer behind him.He drives, and drives, and drives and ends up in the middle of no whare He rides the Black away, lets him go and pretends he s a horse thinking that sinc he is going to die [...]

    12. Well, this was not at all what I expected It s dark, dystopian, and Alec goes out of his mind, literally Alec grows up over the course of the series, which I appreciate but things take a dark turn in this book If you re been reading the series in order, you had some warning, but not a lot if you re reading out of order, you re taken completely by surprise The book combines mysticism, dystopia, mental health issues, sudden death and oh yes, horses Specifically the Black we get a glimpse of mustan [...]

    13. Finding out about a car crash in another country doesn t really seem newsworthy, even if they re American, but that was how Alec discovered Pam had died I can believe loading the Black without remembering, grief does weird things to the mind, but I had a hard time slogging through his mind from then on It made very little sense after that, as well, following Alec as he drove to Arizona, then rode the Black through the desert, then wandered through the desert and suddenly there was a kid with a p [...]

    14. This, too, was terrible view spoiler Pam dies hide spoiler , and while that doesn t bother me at all, Alec is crushed So what do you do when something like that happens Well, I don t know what you would do, but I know that I would not pack my horse onto a trailer and drive off without telling anyone and without any clear idea of where I was headed.Which is what Alec did Because he s crazy, apparently.Oh, and then they meet up with Native Americans who, improbably, believe Mighty Whitey is their [...]

    15. This has to be the strangest of the Black Stallion books and so is my favourite Alec faces a huge personal tragedy and can t cope, so loads up the Black and starts driving He ends up in the desert, with a vague idea of turning the stallion loose and then letting himself starve to death Instead, he meets a tribe of secretive Indians, who have a legend that says a man on a black horse will lead them to safety on the day that the world comes to an end.Ok, the plot line is faintly ridiculous, the sc [...]

    16. There are not words awful enough to describe this book Clearly Farley had no heart for writing after the tragic death of his young daughter This is the last book in The Black Stallion series, though I think he co wrote a few with his son, who continued on with The Young Black Stallion series In this book, a grief stricken Alec takes his horse out to the middle of the southwest Seriously From New York to New Mexico nobody notices and gets involved with a tribe of Native Americans that seems li [...]

    17. This book is probably my least favorite Black Stallion book That being said, it is still far above the average horse fiction, and it is a good book.It is a little out of character for the series, involving some fantasy and apocalyptic elements, but hey, maybe that will make it that much fun for someone Just not me.

    18. This is the point where I realized I should stick to reading just the earliest books up through about The Black Stallion s Sulky Colt because after that it just gets increasingly weird This is the nadir After this, it couldn t possibly get less plausible or out of this world It s easier to pretend this has nothing to do with the first few books, which were at least remotely plausible.

    19. I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and or to read within the series.My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

    20. I am very disappointed with this book I can t believe this the last book in the Black Stallion series I am VERY disappointed.

    21. The first book was the story of a boy and a horse, but the series grows with books on similar themes of overcoming adversity and animal human bonding Loved them as a kid.

    22. I loved Walter Farley s books as a kid, but this one takes a turn into the too weird category, especially since the dystopian elements don t fit with the tone of the rest of the series.

    23. An interesting end to the series Apocalypse Always with me, even the horse stories i read as a child hhhhmmmmm.

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