The Torso in the Town #2020

The Torso in the Town Simon Brett The Torso in the Town Amateur sleuths Jude and Carole take on their third case when a terrible discovery is made in the cellar of a grand old house Grant and Kim Roxby had hoped that their first dinner party at Pelling Hou

  • Title: The Torso in the Town
  • Author: Simon Brett
  • ISBN: 9780330486552
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Torso in the Town Simon Brett Amateur sleuths Jude and Carole take on their third case when a terrible discovery is made in the cellar of a grand old house Grant and Kim Roxby had hoped that their first dinner party at Pelling House would make an impression with their new neighbours And the next day it s certainly the talk of the town of Fedborough For their guests including the couple s old frienAmateur sleuths Jude and Carole take on their third case when a terrible discovery is made in the cellar of a grand old house Grant and Kim Roxby had hoped that their first dinner party at Pelling House would make an impression with their new neighbours And the next day it s certainly the talk of the town of Fedborough For their guests including the couple s old friend Jude had been enjoying a pleasant meal before they were rudely interrupted by a gruesome discovery A human torso hidden in the cellar Jude races home to Fethering and her friend Carole with the news And soon the pair are back in Fedborough, questioning the locals But they can t help but wonder why a town so notoriously distrustful of outsiders is proving so terribly amenable to their enquiries
    The Torso in the Town Simon Brett

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      304 Simon Brett
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    One thought on “The Torso in the Town”

    1. So I waded through the first several pages of exposition, I endured the frustrating head hopping, I gritted my teeth throughout the clumsy dialogue and why Certainly not for the ending It was about as limp and lifeless as the haddock I would like to slap Simon Brett with No offence intended to Mr Brett of course He set out to write a nice cosy mystery and he certainly achieved that, but I just had so many problems with his writing style that I couldn t enjoy it properly.It s mentioned in the blu [...]

    2. I don t think I am going to read this to the end I can suspend my disbelief up to a point Can anyone imagine the torso of a woman being in the basement or the cellar of a house that has just been sold and bought, and suddenly being discovered as someone goes down to the cellar Can you believe that a corpse, whether or not, parts of it have been severed can possibly not smell anything, and not be noticed by anyone for months or years Well, I can t And that is that I liked the first two novels in [...]

    3. I try to give an author and series a fighting chance before completely giving up on them Since I m slightly anal retentive and HAVE to read a series in order, this is my third foray into the world of Fethering through the characters Carole and Jude Sadly, this will be my last, as well Here are a few of the reasons I will NOT be returning Technically, Carole and Jude aren t detectives They never actually go detecting The story is always opened with one of them finding a body Things progress to a [...]

    4. Not particularly mysterious, but ok, not too bad for these English village murders a la MIDSOMER MURDERS The ladies, however, ask such probing questions, even I felt an urge to snap at them, WHY are you guys so interested How is it any of your damn business Supposedly Jude is charming and gets away with it, but why does stick up her bum Carole do as well I listened to the audio book while on a long road trip, which helped me get through the story Otherwise I could not have gotten past the first [...]

    5. This was my first Simon Brett book, and I liked it Brett was consistent in his portrayals of Carole s and Jude s different personalities and unlikely partners in detective work Twists and turns in their investigation into who butchered a female body and hid the torso in the wall kept the reader guessing along with them who the murderer was The townspeople were a melting pot of natives with some newer residents tossed in, each character with his or her own personality I enjoyed the role of young [...]

    6. I felt this book had a lot of missing backstory that I didn t get because I didn t read the first two books The story was independent of that but it was distracting I felt the mystery was done well and I thought the author did a good job of holding suspense The ending was a little disappointing I m not totally sure how I feel about this book even now but I do want to read another book from the series to see if that explains .

    7. This is third book in the series I ve listened to Plots of all three have very similar elements, as if they were written from the same outline Still, I like them enough to try another one Unfortunately, the audiobook available from my library is this very early version and the sound quality was poor.

    8. A very light mystery in the Feathering series Jude and Carol, neighbours and unlikely friends try to solve a murder in a nearby town, putting themselves at risk, and somehow evading the concept of justice.

    9. Enjoyed this book I really appreciate how he, at the end, told what happened with all the characters afterwards I love it when the author does that.

    10. Good mystery up until the enddidn t feel like it meshed well And are all the endings of these books similar With an abduction by an unknown to the reader captor And where was the justice Villains go free Eek

    11. This is the third offering in Simon Brett s Fethering series Carole Seddon and Jude, er, Jude become entwined in a new mystery after an uninvited guest shows up at a dinner party attended by Jude.That party crasher is a corpse, which arrived at Pelling House a few years before the party beganns limbs Hence, a torso is found in the town of Fedborough this is the second book in the Fethering series not to be centered in Fethering, oddly enough The identity of the corpse is soon identified, and aft [...]

    12. In the past I have really enjoyed Simon Brett s novels they generally make for a gentle and amusing diversion from reality Unfortunately Torso in the Town was not up to par Although there were bits of character development e.g for Carole and Ted , and there were some twists and turns in the plot, they were nearly always achieved through unreasonable expectations in terms of suspension of disbelief or through annoying levels of concealment of something that the character could see right in front [...]

    13. If you re looking for a book with dense prose and three dozen subplots, most of which will ultimately prove irrelevant in the big reveal, then give this book a pass The prose was quite spartan and utilitarian and irrepressibly English, but this worked in the story s favor It felt like someone was spinning the tale over pints and a plate at a pub, and the overall effect was cozy and comfortable, like slipping into a favorite tatty robe and sipping hot chocolate on the porch The central mystery wa [...]

    14. Book 28 for 2015PopSugar Challenge Criterion Met A book written by an author with your same initials I have lots of initials, so I just picked two of them This is the third entry in the Fethering series, and some of the formula is getting a little stale Carole still knows hardly anything about her BFF Jude, and it is sillier and sillier that she doesn t just ask her questions And even though there turned out to be to it than the confession this time, the whole question the villain after falling [...]

    15. Brett s series about two neighboring mid fifty year old ladies with totally different styles free wheeling Jude and uptight and proper Carole who solve local murders that the bumbling police can t seem to are great fun to listen to Torso starts off with Jude at a dinner party where the hosts 15 year old son makes a grisly discovery a torso in their basement The police eventually ID the torso and make an assumption that the murderer was the torso s spouse after said spouse seemingly committed sui [...]

    16. The Fethering series is one of the most delightful series I ve read in a long time The main characters, Jude and Carol are polar opposites Jude is a free spirit, open to new ideas and new experiences, while Carol is very set in her way, suspicious of new ideas and fearful of new experiences Together they make a very balanced detective team In this book,The Torso in the Town, a torso is found in the basement of a family, whom Jude is visiting Once again, Jude and Carol have to know the who, what, [...]

    17. This is a mystery novel, another of the Carole and Jude team two older women who are neighbors and live in the small coastal town of Feathering, England I listened to this on CD and managed to miss the whole second CD without skipping any of the story I m not quite sure whether that s a compliment to the hypnotic power of Brett s writing or a comment on the triviality of the plot I ll opt for the former, however, since I will happily read anything Simon Brett writes Carole uptight and correct an [...]

    18. The Torso in the Town by Simon Brett.The 3rd in the Fethering mysteries Carole and Jude, both middle aged retirees, have been hooked into another baffling murder case Jude has been invited to a dinner party in the not so near by town of Fedborough Then during the usual small talk that accompanies a dinner party among the guests the teenage son of the hosts yells out from the basement Jude not the first on the scene witnesses a sight that renders her speechless least for another few minutes The t [...]

    19. I read and loved all of Simon Brett s funny Charles Paris mysteries some time ago and a few of his other books, but this was my first of the Fethering series, starring Jude and Carole, middle aged and oddly paired friends in a small south coast retirement community in England where murders tend to happen I would have preferred to start with the first book instead of the third, but my local library only had two of them available as audio downloads, so I took what I could get Not quite as enjoyabl [...]

    20. Loved it, and I m going to read all of them Carol and her friend Jud are at it again and try to figure out who is the torso in the basement in a home nearby Once they figure out who it is they try to figure out who did it Funny too While in this other town some people have mistaken them for lesbians Carol is aghast, but Jud is so cool When they were at a town even and about to have their picture taken, Jud gives Carol a big hug Hahaha I skipped 2 and so missed the affair of Carol with Ted Crisp, [...]

    21. I found this in my local second hand book haunt, and decided to give it a try.I d never herd of the author before, but it looked like it would be nice for an afternoon read It was just that a light afternoon read I liked the main characters and good for him for making the prickly one human, rather than some emotionless automaton , and the writing was clear It was a bit jarring to suddenly find yourself going from one character s thoughts to another, and I didn t care too much for the ending, but [...]

    22. More feel good light hearted crime fiction, but this time set in a quintisential sp English country town I liked the way it examines the relationship between the two women who solve the crime The book is written from the point of view of Carloe, who is insular and not good with people, and yet the driving central carachter is her gregarious easy going friend Jude Nice twists in the plot keeps your attention but hardly thrilling Good bed time distraction from the struggle to keep myself from book [...]

    23. Light reading and great fun You ve got to love an author who can say Fedborough was the perfect venue for someone trying to buy an antique bedpan, a cream tea or a china figurine of a ballet dancer less suitable perhaps for those in search of basic groceries Last few pages were rather disappointing Author wrapped up loose ends in an unimaginative way just by telling us what happened to the peripheral characters after the book ended No doubt the two main and several supporting characters will eng [...]

    24. It is perhaps not wise to read too many of Simon Brett s Fethering mysteries at once, as they have a certain sameness, and this one was read hard on the heels of another of his books This one had his characteristic humor and the plot was intricate enough to hold my attention The characters are delightfully drawn, and I enjoy Jude and Carole s attempts at sleuthing very much I did not guess who the villain was, and was quite surprised at the end I can always recommend Brett s work.

    25. My first Simon Brett novel I ll be back for A nice, light English murder mystery that doesn t pretend to be anything else The solution was unexpected without being unbelievable My biggest complaint was the loose ends that were irrelevant or unimportant were tied up, but they didn t need to be It could have been finished a few pages sooner without losing anything And the American spelling Surely an English novel should have English spelling, even for an American audience Sigh

    26. Suspenseful from first page to last, this Fethering Mystery has Jude and Carole investigating a torso found in one of the houses in Fedborough.Plenty of suspects, once the torso is identified, which is no mean task, plenty of twists and turns and quite a surprise ending makes this traditional crime novel hugely enjoyable.

    27. I seem to be rating this book highly than most readers This is a good example of the kind of British mystery that I most enjoy, sort of a descendant of Agatha Christie I find the village or small town setting to be interesting I think there are at least two novels in this Fethering series, and I plan to read both of them.

    28. Kind of run of the mill I kept with it because I really wanted to know the story behind that limbless torso I don t think the reader was very good for this book, and it was hard to believe that the two amateur detectives could go around shamelessly interrogating everyone involved with the case and actually get people to answer all their questions Brett s Charles Paris series is much better.

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