The Hanging in the Hotel #2020

The Hanging in the Hotel Simon Brett The Hanging in the Hotel The Hopwicke Country House Hotel owned by Jude s glamorous friend Suzy Longthorne is to host an event for the all male society The Pillars of Sussex On the night Jude helps Suzy serve dinner and

  • Title: The Hanging in the Hotel
  • Author: Simon Brett
  • ISBN: 9780330490825
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hanging in the Hotel Simon Brett The Hopwicke Country House Hotel, owned by Jude s glamorous friend Suzy Longthorne, is to host an event for the all male society, The Pillars of Sussex On the night, Jude helps Suzy serve dinner, and in the early hours of the morning they watch with relief as the guests drag themselves to their beds.The next morning, one young solicitor does not come down for breakfast JThe Hopwicke Country House Hotel, owned by Jude s glamorous friend Suzy Longthorne, is to host an event for the all male society, The Pillars of Sussex On the night, Jude helps Suzy serve dinner, and in the early hours of the morning they watch with relief as the guests drag themselves to their beds.The next morning, one young solicitor does not come down for breakfast Jude heads for Nigel Ackford s room, presuming he is feeling the effects of the night before It soon becomes apparent, however, that Nigel has been spared his hangover For Jude finds him hanging from the beams of his four poster bed .Convinced it was not suicide, Carole and Jude must now find out the truth behind an elaborate attempt to cover up a simple, cold blooded murder Simon Brett is one of British crime s most assured craftsmen GUARDIAN Deftly contrived, light hearted mysteries THE TIMES A new Simon Brett is an event for mystery fans P D JAMES
    The Hanging in the Hotel Simon Brett

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    One thought on “The Hanging in the Hotel”

    1. Bah Humbug I am giving up on this series Initially I thought that the priggishness of the main character was going to soften up a bit, and while it has waxed and waned, I just find her such an unpleasant person that unless someone removes the stick from her arse, I m not reading further in the series The secondary characters are also very much caricatures and stereotypes rather than real people.

    2. This is one of the novels in Simon Brett s series with two middle aged women who chase down the villains when the police seem not able to.This time Jude is convinced that the suicide is actually murder and she persuades Carole to take part in hunting down the murderer.Well written, light hearted fun with a lot of Simon Brett s dry humour poking fun at politics and institutions A pleasant cozy read to while away a wet afternoon.

    3. A good mystery The plot is well constructed, developed nicely, and the denouement is satisfactory, if not fulfilling As with all the books in this series, Carole Seddon, the ostensible protagonist, is a rather repellant personality, and really her sidekick Jude is much empathetic and interesting I ve been hoping that their respective pecking order would be reversed, but not yet Well, as the series now runs to a dozen or entries, I ll keep hope alive

    4. What a weird experience The writing was so so , but the story sort of kept me guessing and reading And in the very quick denouement, it all comes to an end The murderer is known as well as all guilty by association in this denouement , but the one accused is one of the lesser accomplices Everyone else goes along freely with their crummy lives Maybe it reflects what happens in life but it was , on the whole , a disappointing read.

    5. I m a huge fan of the Feathering Mystery Series by Simon Brett The nosy neighbors Jude and Carol love playing detective and I love following their antics as they solve crimes that the local police usually don t even recognize as murder The Hanging in the Hotel is a wonderful addition highly recommended.

    6. I continue to read these hoping that they will get realistic and interesting but so far that isn t the case The characters have such potential to really draw you in and yet I m always left feeling like they are not intrinsic to the plot.

    7. The of Mr Brett s book that I read, the I come to appreciate his humor My God, the guy is funny This book had several little asides that had me laughing and saying, He didn t write that Way to go Mr Brett for creating such pithy dialogue and such memorable characters.

    8. Simon Brett, I m so proud of you Finally, for your 5th installment you were able to come up with an ending original from the prior 4 in the series I don t know why I keep going with these Honestly, it s because I want something to listen to at the grocery store, mopping, or at the gym and these are always Available Now to borrow The mystery was good, the ending was refreshing We ve made NO PROGRESS whatsoever with the characters They haven t developed at all since Book 1 Seriously, why am I doin [...]

    9. The Hopwicke Country House Hotel was once a place for the rich and famous to stay But there hasn t been much business so hotel owner Suzy Longthorne opens her doors for the Pillars of Sussex They are an elite group of local businessmen In this hard time Suzy recruits her friend Jude to help out and brighten up the place One guest doesn t come down for breakfast While on the way Jude thought maybe he was hungover only to arrive and find Nigel Ackford dead hanging from the beam of the four poster [...]

    10. The first I ve read in this series A nice cozy mystery I enjoyed reading it all the way through The real virtue in this book is the characters I found myself interested in the relationships between the characters, affected by the murder and its aftermath, than in the actual mystery The solution to the mystery would have been dissatisfying, if I d cared about it, but by that point what I was focussed on was the way each character was dealing with the ugly truths being unearthed, so the actual i [...]

    11. This is one of the Fethering mysteries by Simon Brett, a British writer who I ve read for probably four or five decades I greatly prefer this series, which features two neighbors and almost friends, to the ones about the perpetually drunk and irresponsible actor Charles Paris The best of his books, however, are the ones about Mrs Pargeter, the widow of a burglar The book in question involves a death in a hotel owned by an old friend of Judith Judith seems to be the only one suspicious of the dea [...]

    12. The Hanging in the Hotel , number five in the Fethering series dealt with a number of issues, shady business practices, homosexuality, and organizations covering up for there members.It starts with an apparent suicide at a hotel Jude is working at to help a friend Jude does not believe for an instance that the death was a suicide, and she draws Carole into her investigation Again, the contrast in the two women s personalities make this mystery interesting because even though they have opposing v [...]

    13. I like this series as a light, mostly interesting audiobook not too gripping, or I won t pay attention to my driving The best thing about this book is though it s written by a man, the female protagonists are very well drawn Jude and Carole are very believable women.Strengths Characters, portrayal of average English folk with some realism Even friends don t get along all the time Not every little personal reaction is made tidy and acceptable in the end, but all the factual details were accounted [...]

    14. Fethering is as much a place one doesn t want to live as is Agatha Raisin s Carsely murder takes place far too often in them both The Hanging in the Hotel is no different in that the delightfully named Pillars of Sussex meet at the Hopwicke Country House and have a guest who is supposedly going to be inducted at some point as a member of the prestigious society, prestigious at least to those who belong However, before any induction ceremony can take place the newcomer has committed suicide Or ha [...]

    15. I am a long time fan of Simon Brett and his Charles Paris and Mrs Pargeter series I have only recently started reading the Feathering series and I must say I really like the two main characters Carol and Jude I liked the story line but this one became, for some reason, a tad bit tedious I still enjoyed the book immensely and must say he surprised me with the revelation of the killer I had not even considered that character as a suspect I look forward to the next adventure of Carol and Jude in Fe [...]

    16. A celebrity model from the 60 70s has bought and revamped the local Hotel and her friend Jude occasionally helps out with waitressing when required The local Pillars of Sussex is having a gathering and the next day, the guest at the gathering is found dead in his room The verdict is suicide but Jude thinks otherwise and gets her neighbour and friend Carole to help investigate All sorts of stops are put in their way by members of the Pillars of Sussex and, to Jude s surprise, her friend who owns [...]

    17. I love these books Even though my two major beefs with this particular book in the series are that a it s a little unbelievable how Jude and Carole are taken so seriously by all the suspects and b the ending is a little confusing, these books are still amusing and quaint I get from the relationship between the two women than any thrill from the mystery I have the next one all lined up to read next

    18. For a change, I didn t yell once at this book No one was doing anything particularly bone headed The confrontation at the end seemed a little contrived, but the results realistic and satisfying, in a non satisfactory and realistic kind of way.Brett must really have something against attorneys not to mention all male charitable organizations Carole s experiences with her wannabe love interest grows slimier by the page Maybe he s just pandering to public tastes.

    19. I m still enjoying this series.Jude chips in part time at her old friend Suzy s hotel Apparently they had been models together in their younger days However, the bodies start piling up at the hotel and Jude is the only one voicing doubt as to whether the first one is a suicide And Suzy wishes she would shut up about it She doesn t need the bad publicity Of course, Carol joins Sheila in the hunt.You kind of know who is the head guilty person but the chase is fun.

    20. Fun mystery to read I m going to have to get the first book in the series Loved this lineNor did she linger to scan the walls for their hunting prints, mounted antlers, stuffed trout or ancient photographs of dead looking tweedy men surveying carpets of dead birds I also enjoyed the bustling bonhomie going on.

    21. Enjoy these English mysteries by Simon Brett mostly as the two major players are middle aged, single women Carole Seddon who is the proper English matron and Jude the alternative lifestyle protagonist.Although the cast of characters are numerous, and at times the story becomes convoluted, I didn t see the ending coming as it did And it all made sense A plus wouldn t you say

    22. The relationship between the two main characters is what keeps me devouring this series I can see a little of myself in both women and because of that it makes it easy for me to see things from both points of view and understand many of their reactions and feelings.

    23. The Fethering Mysteries are almost as good as Simon Brett s Charles Paris MysteriesI have never read a Simon Brett mystery that I didn t find very enjoyable Brett is a superb comic plotter.

    24. I started reading this series years ago I may not remember the plot, but I recall the series having likeable characters if little mystery I enjoyed the titles well enough that I read the new releases.

    25. Not the best in this charming series, but good Nothing very new with the main characters, so it feels a bit stalled and formulaic But a plethora of suspects, a kind of in and out of opening and closing doors quality to the plot, and a generous handful of laugh out loud lines.

    26. I didn t think this was one of his best perhaps it was the subject material ie hanging , but the story seemed to be very slow at the start, and it was harder for me to read than other books of his.

    27. Didn t like this as well as some of the others in this series Very unsatifying ending The ultimate wrong doer succeeds and even laughs at them Also, it looks like the lovely little village of Fethering will be changed a lot.

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