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The Portable Jung C.G. Jung Joseph Campbell R.F.C. Hull The Portable Jung This comprehensive collection of writings by the epoch shaping Swiss psychoanalyst was edited by Joseph Campbell himself the most famous of Jung s American followers It comprises Jung s pioneering st

  • Title: The Portable Jung
  • Author: C.G. Jung Joseph Campbell R.F.C. Hull
  • ISBN: 9780670010707
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Portable Jung C.G. Jung Joseph Campbell R.F.C. Hull This comprehensive collection of writings by the epoch shaping Swiss psychoanalyst was edited by Joseph Campbell, himself the most famous of Jung s American followers It comprises Jung s pioneering studies of the structure of the psyche including the works that introduced such notions as the collective unconscious, the Shadow, Anima and Animus as well as inquries intoThis comprehensive collection of writings by the epoch shaping Swiss psychoanalyst was edited by Joseph Campbell, himself the most famous of Jung s American followers It comprises Jung s pioneering studies of the structure of the psyche including the works that introduced such notions as the collective unconscious, the Shadow, Anima and Animus as well as inquries into the psychology of spirituality and creativity, and Jung s influential On Synchronicity, a paper whose implications extend from the I Ching to quantum physics Campbell s introduction completes this compact volume, placing Jung s astonishingly wide ranging oeuvre within the context of his life and times.
    The Portable Jung C.G. Jung Joseph Campbell R.F.C. Hull

    • [E-Book] Ô The Portable Jung | By õ C.G. Jung Joseph Campbell R.F.C. Hull
      463 C.G. Jung Joseph Campbell R.F.C. Hull
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    1. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls Many years ago, after finishing Joseph Campbell s Hero with a Thousand Faces, I was so impressed that I set myself the goal to read all of the authors Campbell cites as major influences Freud, Nietzsche, Frazer, Durkheim, William James, and the biggest influence, Carl Jung Unfortunately, as in most of my reading projects, I got sidetracked before finishing so this collection of Jung s works, edited by Campbell himself [...]

    2. I love this book I even carry it in my purse, because I can always reread sections and get out of it each time The introduction by Joseph Campbell was my first exposure to Carl Jung and Campbell as well It was very clear and comprehensive, and with Campbell s vast knowledge on mythological matters, thus linking him to analytical psychology to an extent, I trust that the selections of text are some of the best for a good understanding of Jung s theories It covers his views on marriage, religion, [...]

    3. This compilation consists of 15 articles that cover a range of Jung s work Given the variety of articles found in this book, it would be a great place to start to get an overall feel for the breadth of Jung s work Some of the topics covered include the collective unconscious, psychological types, dream symbolism in relation to alchemy, spiritual problem of modern man, differences in thinking between East and West, synchronicity and his dissertation Answer to Job As usual, I retained some interes [...]

    4. I loved reading Jung for the first time I was introduced to his writing through the strong references of Joseph Campbell who compiled and edited this book ,and many others who have appreciated his incisive probings into the meaning of the unconscious and personality types.Jung really seems like a person who cares His writings come across as a bit hortatory encouraging and urging rather than a technical dissection of the mind He isn t just a psychologist or a scientist, he s a philosopher poet a [...]

    5. The Portable Jung solved a problem for me I had always wanted to read some of Jung s work, but I had no idea where to start and he has written a lot of very long books This compendium, edited by Joseph Campbell, seemed to me to be a very good introduction to Jung s thought.There are 15 essays in the 650 pages, and though as usual some are better than others, by the time I finished The Portable Jung I felt I had a much better understanding of his thought Of course, some of his ideas have been ren [...]

    6. The first thing that I will say is that this is an amazing book This is well worth the trip down to the local bookstore finding the Psychology section searching through what is really self help late night crapola that has become popular to find this gem If you re like most people then you ll probably go to or some other place so I will save you the trouble and post the linkazon Portable Jung VNow to the book.Edited by Joseph Campbell enpedia wiki Joseph_C and translated by R.F.C Hull this colle [...]

    7. It would take too long to recount the insights in the multiple volume set of Jung s works available at my local library It is both voluminous and verbose It would take up far too much room in my personal library which is already far too cumbersome , so I am thankful for this paperback volume of 650 pages, edited by the late, great Joseph Campbell In this volume, Campbell sets out Jung s basic understanding of archetypes, the collective unconscious, dream theory, perceptions of general personalit [...]

    8. Joseph Campbell selected numerous excerpts from the writings of Carl Jung and compiled them into this large volume He assembled it into three parts and his particular sequence helps bring the reader up to speed on the general terms and patient cases that Jung refers to in many of his later works I felt Campbell assembled a fine selection of Carl Jung s works and by the time I reached the Answer to Job chapter at the end of the book I was able to read it at a smooth pace, without needing to stop [...]

    9. I think this man is probably a genius, but he is also probably wrong about so much Most importantly, he is possibly the worst, most confusing writer I have ever read, and a great thinker that cannot organize his thoughts is likely to miss things Wins Convincing argument that most of our mind is not accesible to our conciosness Just might be true Convincing argument that we share a collective unconcious It would make sense that we are born with instinctive common templates about life, nature, and [...]

    10. Why can t we talk about Jung, and also talk about the fact that, 1 his work coincides with the rise of spiritualism, which suggests to me that we can write off a great deal of his less than scholarly material as fashion, and 2 much of the theory yes, theory that he seems to have invented the faithful would say intuited , accepted as a priori knowledge by an alarming number of professionals today, has given us a vast body of widely accepted but etiologically unsound research The net result is tha [...]

    11. A Difficult Read, At BestThere is much of Jung s work that I believe in and appreciate However, I don t believe this book is the best way to understand Jung His writing is dense and very liberally peppered with Latin phrases, words, and allusions to other writers and works that only the rarest scholar is familiar with these days I would recommend instead of trying to slog through this work to read A Very Short Introduction To Jung It is concise and entirely comprehensible, without the struggle o [...]

    12. As far as I m concerned you re never really done reading this book The thing that struck me while reading it, is how on earth did one man have a brain so fantastically intelligent and creative at the same time How on earth did he have time to have all these amazing thoughts While he certainly does owe much to the thinking of Freud, Jung s thoughts diverge pretty greatly from where Freud left off and take us to amazing places Some of these things are astute observations Other are incredible philo [...]

    13. this is a good place to begin reading carl jungaling with synchronicity, collective unconscious, archetypes, personality types introverted, extroverted and all there shades , some case study examples from his work as an analyst carl jung studied alchemy, mandalas, dreams, patients, and many other avenues in his research for the work upon which he has writtenI learned that many symbolic types of knowledge can be integrated into ones personal work, art, music,etc if one begins to understand what a [...]

    14. WowI am enthralled I knew the major ideas of the psychoanalysts but never read any Freud, Jung, Lacan, etc until I picked up this five dollar book at the used book store I found myself describing Jung s theory of the collective unconscious to everyone I talked with I don t believe in his ideas with a total certainty, but he must be admired for his brilliant mind It is an almost transcedent beauty to see how humans are connected to one another The idea that the human mind is not situated in time [...]

    15. I believe I finished this one in 2009 It was one of the first two books I read by Carl Jung It was edited by Joseph Campbell, and I think he did an excellent job of choosing which of Jung s writings to include in order to provide a well rounded look at Jung s work, so that someone new to Jung can in a sense put it all together and get an idea what they want to know about for further reading This and Memories, Dreams, Reflections were recommended to me as good choices for someone new to Jung.

    16. This is my first exposure to the writings of Carl Jung I found them influencing my thought process in many ways I frequently try to analyze my dreams and interpret my thoughts and emotional reactions in terms of the collective uncounscious So this is the source of the Myers Briggs test Unlik the broad generalizations of Myers Briggs, Jung s writing on personality type is nuanced and insightful.

    17. A terrific anthology of essential Jung, who s generous than Freud, for my taste The collective unconscious is the overriding idea of the man s work, but oddly enough I find the essay about the general description of types extravert, introvert, thinking, feeling, etc to be the most interesting, if only because Jung so thoroughly and convincingly demonstrates the infinitely complex interaction between dominant characteristics and unconsciously compensating ones.

    18. Read this cover to cover and felt a much deeper understanding of everything i ever thought that i understood This book caused a personal changing point in my life and way of thinking Something big clicked for me when I finally came to understand the collective unconscious and the shadow self Coming to terms with the reality of the shadow self is the KEY TO THE LOCK.

    19. A wealth of psychological analysis from a unique and valuable perspective Jung s psychology incorporates the mysterious aspects of existence, shedding light on the unconscious and its affects on our day to day existence I particularly enjoyed reading The Difference Between Eastern and Western Thinking , which I found especially illuminating.

    20. Jung made some valuable contributions to psychology The Collective Unconscious and the Mythic Archetypes being the most important However reading of Jung leads me to conclude that he also wrote a lot of non sense It is because he had a few good Ideas that I give this book 3 stars but not five because I had to do a lot of sifting through garbage to get any gems.

    21. Simply the best of Jung The clarity, depth and engagement in his works is amazing and feels fresh and intellectually challenging and modern Recommended If you need somewhere to start reading Jung this is the book

    22. I ve read this book many times and am still blown away each time There is so much we don t know about ourselves and the mysteries and messages of myths Aptly edited by Joseph Campbell the myth miester.

    23. One of my favorite books of all time I carry a copy with me everywhere In my office, at home, travelling, etc A expert source for psychologists and people interested in the psyche.

    24. I read this through than once, and can still pick it up and read anywhere to find something I feel or think I have not seen before.

    25. I read three essays out of the Portable Jung Structure of the Psyche, the Relations between the Ego and Unconscious and the Spiritual Problem of Modern Man I recommend all three because Jung is like licorice you either love him or you hate him with few people taking an ambivalent position In modern psychology he is grudgingly given credit for some of his insights the role of symbols across cultures, the collective unconscious and the idea of archetypes but he is also held at arm s length from th [...]

    26. This book is a compilation of many articles that were written by Jung The way this book was arranged made a lot of sense and took me gradually step by step through Jung s main ideas and the articles were very well chosen So I guess it would make a good introduction for someone who wants to get into the Jungian psychology.At the end of the book, I am not left with a bunch of well organized facts but a feeling that I have to myself than I actually think I do I am left with a humanitarian outlook [...]

    27. 2nd reading In all earnestness I asked myself what kind of world I had stumbled into In this short sentence is encompassed the excitement I have in Jung In its shadow is the issue I take with him What I love is the exploration of the mystery that we are and live in What I cannot stomach is the assumptions we all almost inevitable fall into in our eagerness to know Of course Jung himself is aware of the danger Do we ever understand what we think We only understand that kind of thinking which is a [...]

    28. It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves The main reason that I picked up this book is that, since so many others on my shelves have referenced Jung, I may as well read it from the source I found the early parts of Part I interesting, where Jung forms his analytical psychology theory and defines the various terms and structure of the psyche, Aion included I found myself browsing through a few sections, however, even the Personality Types section as he began to [...]

    29. A mixed bag, mostly pretty good The first half of the book or so gives a nice overview of Jungian thought And I found most of the remaining essays interesting and thought provoking with 2 exceptions Individual Dream Symbolism in Relation to Alchemy I found this rather heavy going Jung s decision to exclude all personal detail and focus on emerging mandala imagery in a long series of dreams from one individual made this a rather dry and academic exercise Answer to Job Jung psychoanalyzes the God [...]

    30. I became interested in Jung a year or two ago when I started looking into archetypes My parents took psychology as well as religious studies in university so I was lucky enough to find Jung was already in our library The Portable Jung and Man and His Symbols.Portable Jung was my first and won me over Jung absolutely clicks with me He crawls into my core and sets up camp to help me understand myself and the people around me He speaks to everyone, whether you re a Pantheist, atheist, or religious [...]

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