The Irish Scissor Sisters #2020

The Irish Scissor Sisters Mick McCaffrey The Irish Scissor Sisters Charlotte Mulhall slashed a four inch gash in Farah Swaleh Noor s throat She cut her mother s lover again and again with the razor sharp blade while her sister Linda hit him about times with the h

  • Title: The Irish Scissor Sisters
  • Author: Mick McCaffrey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Irish Scissor Sisters Mick McCaffrey Charlotte Mulhall slashed a four inch gash in Farah Swaleh Noor s throat She cut her mother s lover again and again with the razor sharp blade, while her sister Linda hit him about 10 times with the hammer They spent hours hacking his body into eight pieces, before dumping his butchered remains in a canal.
    The Irish Scissor Sisters Mick McCaffrey

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      277 Mick McCaffrey
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    One thought on “The Irish Scissor Sisters”

    1. McCaffrey writes a no nonsense crime reporter s prose This works well in the first two chapters when he is describing the drunken, ecstasy fueled partying on the banks of the Liffey and in the streets of Dublin s near Northside, the subsequent murder of Kathleen Mulhall s boyfriend Farah Noor by her two daughters Linda and Charlotte, followed by the laborious, ghastly dismemberment of Noor s corpse and the disposal of its limbs and assorted gobbets in the Royal Canal near Croke Park These openin [...]

    2. Before I read this I d never heard of this case After I d read it I still have no idea why they were called the Scissor Sisters lolThe first few chapters were interesting to me because I got to read what had happened that night I do warn you do not read this while eating Then the book started to go downhill in my eyes because most of it were repetitions It was fascinating in a way because both were pretty women and could have made out of their life, but hey with such an upbringing it makes it h [...]

    3. I followed this case when it was all over the news and although this book wasn t greatly written it was informative and covered nearly everything that was documented in the news This was one of the worst crimes committed in Ireland in fairly recent years I would recommend this book to true crime fans.

    4. This was a horrific murder which rocked Ireland and shocked so many that two women could commit such a horrendous crime I will say if you don t have a strong stomach then I honestly wouldn t advise you to read this book, the author has given a very graphic recount of the murder but to be honest if he had watered down what they did he wouldn t have been able to write a true account of what they did and just how grisly this crime was.Now down to the writing I only gave it a 3 star rating because a [...]

    5. I originally read this book when it first came out and wanted to re read it as it said there was new material in the book This book centres on the horrific death and subsequent criminal investigation into the death of a refugee who shacked up with a dublin woman and how het met his watery grave The story is very detailed so if you have a week stomach for graphic details then a good pertion of this book you might want to skip In many parts of the book i feel sorry for the Mulhall sisters, almost [...]

    6. A must for any true crime fans, this as the title suggests narrates the story of the notorious Scissor sisters who murdered their mother s abusive boyfriend after him making advances to one of the two sisters.A chilling account that deals with the crime in a strict chronological order, the events leading up to the crime, the crime itself is told in brutal and graphic detail, the subsequent attempts to cover up their actions and even the discovery, capture and trial of the sisters.An enthralling [...]

    7. As a fan of true crime novels this was a good read and a shocking story, but the writing was laugh out loud bad in places, which spoiled it a little From the over simplified language to the use of Irish slang, not just in quotes but in the narrative Ali was worried about his friend because he knew he could be aggressive with drink on him is a typical example it can be a little distracting The balance of it was a little strange too The victim was repeatedly vilified and portrayed as a monster whi [...]

    8. Book is great gives you an insight of the crime and extensive descriptions As a true story it is shocking that this crime is not in fact just a fiction

    9. Very poorly written The story jumped forwards and backwards leaving me a little confused It s also repetitive in places.Apart from that it was an interesting read.

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