Tom's Midnight Garden #2020

Tom's Midnight Garden Philippa Pearce Tom s Midnight Garden A mesmerizing tale of a boy s journey across the boundaries of reality this Carnegie Medal winner has the appeal of such works as Indian in the Cupboard and Behind the Attic Wall If I were asked to n

  • Title: Tom's Midnight Garden
  • Author: Philippa Pearce
  • ISBN: 9780606125444
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tom's Midnight Garden Philippa Pearce A mesmerizing tale of a boy s journey across the boundaries of reality, this Carnegie Medal winner has the appeal of such works as Indian in the Cupboard and Behind the Attic Wall If I were asked to name a single masterpiece of English children s literature it would be this outstandingly beautiful and absorbing book John Rowe Townsend, author of Written for ChildrA mesmerizing tale of a boy s journey across the boundaries of reality, this Carnegie Medal winner has the appeal of such works as Indian in the Cupboard and Behind the Attic Wall If I were asked to name a single masterpiece of English children s literature it would be this outstandingly beautiful and absorbing book John Rowe Townsend, author of Written for Children.
    Tom's Midnight Garden Philippa Pearce

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      208 Philippa Pearce
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    1. I was surprised finding myself that I really liked this book This is my 98th book this year and just my 2nd children s fiction If this were not one of the children s books in the 501 Must Read Books, I would not have picked this up Time Slip is used brilliantly in the plot that you don t know between the two main characters, Tom or Hatty, is the ghost and who is a real human being To give you an example, in the movie Sixth Sense, you know right away who are the ghosts because the boy character s [...]

    2. English manor homes seem to inspire a certain kind of time travel story They are usually dream like and include a friendship across the ages The only caveat, the protagonist from the present is usually unable to alter past events Tom s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce fits perfectly in this category and it s one of my favorite examples.Tom Long, the present day that being probably the 1950s protagonist is sent away to his aunt and uncle s flat while his brother recovers at home from the measle [...]

    3. I read this book 10 years ago, and it still haunts me.Tom is forced to stay with aunt and uncle for the holidays He hates the no garden ness of their city flat, and a cranky old landlady who lives in the attic One night, the old grandfather clock downstairs struck 13 Tom is led to open the back door, and he finds a blooming and live garden, which he learns later isn t there during the daytime.In the garden world, time stood still for him He befriends Hattie, a girl as lonely as he is But why is [...]

    4. All this time I thought I had already added it to the shelf This is a true children s classic It is a beautiful, haunting evocative story of childhood, growing up, adulthood and old age It s also unbearably sad, in a happy kind of way, if that makes sense It s the story of life As a child and a teenager I used to have dreams about the Midnight garden, so did last night The story is about how two lonely children a liitle boy named Tom and a little girl named Hattie found each other s worlds and s [...]

    5. If I ever need to cry, I pick up this book one of my favourites and skim right to the end, to the line he put his arms right round her and hugged her good bye as if she were a little girl What a beautiful book this is I was not a child when I read this but I want to read this to my children one day.

    6. It has been several years since I last read this beautifully enchanting and somewhat haunting time slip tale about childhood, friendship, adolescence and the ocean swept passages of time.This being not only my favourite time travel book but perhaps my favourite stand alone novel of all time, I thought its about time I wrote a little something about it To be honest, I m triggered to writing this in a hope of promoting its position in a poll for our next time travel book of the month group read Se [...]

    7. 4.5 STARS.A truly magical story, entertaining for kids and adults alike The beauty of this book is how you can allow your imagination to run away with you, just as Tom does I will for sure pass this story probably this exact book because THAT COVER THOUGH and it has cute illustrations onto my kids as I think it s a great classic kids story I know this story well, I had the audio book on tape yes tape, I am 21, kids when I was a little girl but it was an abridged radio play dramatization style so [...]

    8. Tom Long is a young boy who is sent to stay with his Aunt and Uncle for a Summer when his brother becomes ill There isn t much for Tom to do, but one night when the big old Grandfather clock in the hall strikes Thirteen, Tom goes to investigate He opens a door to shine some moonlight on the clock.d finds a wonderful garden where there should only be rubbish bins and concrete Written in 1958, this was a childhood favourite of mine I never owned a copy, but I borrowed it from the library repeatedl [...]

    9. I remember avidly watching the Children s BBC adaptation of TOM S MIDNIGHT GARDEN when I was around Tom s age myself this would have been in 1990 or so I absolutely loved the series, but to my chagrin I never read the book on which it was based until now.I d always assumed that this was a modern book but on checking the details I found it was written in 1958 this explains how Pearce has a natural way with words and how she recaptures the same magic of childhood as Enid Blyton did In fact, as tim [...]

    10. So beautiful, especially the last half If you used to spend your childhood playing outdoors, or if you re into gardens, or if you simply love a sweet story with a touch of fantasy, you should seriously consider reading this book.I think it s even better to read this as an adult, because you will get all the finer nuances and details that a child might not realise.

    11. Oh my God I have no words for this book This is one of the most beautiful books I ve ever read, I swear The final scene is the most heartwarming scene in a book I ve ever read Yes, it is a book for children, but you should all read it It is amazing

    12. This children s classic one of the most beloved Carnegie Medal winners of all time will probably be my last read of 2017 I read it, finally, because Penelope Lively praised it so highly in her recent gardening memoir Life in the Garden Lively considers it to be far superior to The Secret Garden, that other wonderful children s classic set in a garden I don t know that I agree with her, but I will acknowledge that I fell in love with Burnett s novel as a child and I think that can really make a d [...]

    13. When I think about this book, I get the same sort of feeling as Tom at the beginning of the story a little stifled, restless, too full of food It s quite odd Anyway, that somewhat colours my memories of this book, making it a bit less wondrous than perhaps it should be It s a sweet story, ultimately, about mutual loneliness and need of companionship reaching right across time and bringing too lonely children together It never gets too saccharine, though perhaps just slightly, at the end, but tha [...]

    14. I first came across this book, not in the library, but on an old PBS radio show called The Spider s Web We did not get very good reception the narrator s voice Frances Shrand was her name sometimes disappeared mid chapter but once we caught the title I hurried to the library to find it My book had this very cover perfectretort 20Technically, this should be categorized as time slip rather than time travel

    15. If plot is a riddle, this doesn t deliver on the riddle s best solution A prime example of why book party fouls exist, even if they are well managed view spoiler time travel tales are almost all duds Even in a tale with this much tension, they can t pay off Hattie was never married to Tom, so we can feel warm and fuzzy that they were friends, and most of us can only dream of having such a friendship, but it s not what people want from the plot This tale fails in terms of inevitability It seems t [...]

    16. 1 Iznerviram se kad u ovim godinama saznam da postoji klasik de je knji evnosti za koji nisam ni ula2 Iznerviram se to ovo nisam pro itala 30 godina ranije Ok 25 godina ranije Ose am da bi mi bilo ne to najomiljenije na svetu.2b Iako mislim da bi meni bilo najomiljenije na svetu, nisam sigurma da bih mogla da preporu im Kad sat otkuca trinaest malcima danas jer je, naro ito negde oko prve tre ine, knjiga veoma spora Prosto ritam iz drugog vremena Ali to se do kraja sve isplati.

    17. Oh How do I express my gladness to have experienced this book I can t believe it s from 1958 It could be a 1970s child, who feels his summer was forfeited by spending it with his apartment dwelling Aunt He loves his family s yard and his Aunt only has trashcans on cement With his brother ill, away he goes His Aunt is keen to take him out but his Uncle is my least favourite type debating whatever you utter I love that Tom issues metaphysical challenges to him I hadn t heard of Philippa Pearce, wh [...]

    18. I was not, as a rule, a huge fan of sad book when I was a child, but I remember both loving Tom s Midnight Garden and finding it heartbreaking Sometimes I m reluctant to reread something that gave me so much pleasure as a child, because I want to hold on to that initial experience But the rereading was well worth it It is a story about the power of memory, the relentless passage of time, and the fleeting but intense beauty of the world and childhood One might think that these are not themes that [...]

    19. Poor Tom, forced to go away during the summer holiday while his brother suffers the measles, and kept indoors under quarantine How old fashioned is that Between Tom s unattractive sulking and insomnia, my general lack of interest in gardening, and a personal fear that this was going to turn into one of those stories about a guy finding the perfect mate by traveling back to a time before feminism, well, I didn t have high hopes But it turned out to be a story about falling in love with a place, i [...]

    20. There s a reason why this book is a classic.I haven t read this book since being at primary school in the nineteen eighties, and even then, the book was read to me.I m now thirty six, and I ve enjoyed reading it as much as I did hearing it The best children s books are the ones that you still want to read as an adult.This is a beautiful story, one that is wonderful to escape into.Highly recommended Tristan Sherwin, author of Love Expressed

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    22. Pearce left me with mixed feelings throughout my reading of her book It is without a doubt that her rich language has created a magical, vivid world one that all children would want to be a part of It is this language that makes it all the heartbreaking when Tom has to leave this world, live in the present and move on with his life Another positive to the text is the philosophical questions that Pearce evokes The audience is left questioning the concept of time, looking deeply into the nature [...]

    23. nwhytevejournal 1695975I can t quite believe that I managed to reach the age of nearly 44 without having read this brilliant children s fantasy, though I had fond if vague memories of Dorothea Brooking s 1974 BBC adaptation Tom, sent to stay with his aunt and uncle after his brother develops measles, discovers that when the clock in the hall strikes thirteen in the middle of the night he is able to visit the garden as it was in the past, and makes friends with Hattie who lives in that past time, [...]

    24. In 1989,the BBC did a TV adaptation of this book which my almost 11 year old self was enchanted by My dad bought me the book, with the picture from the TV show on the front, but from that day to this I had never read than a few pages My love of time travel stories should really have prompted me to read it earlier I have even seen 2 theatrical performances of it but have never managed to find the BBC programme again online So my rating of this book may be tinged with nostalgia, but it really is [...]

    25. This was one of my favorite childhood books I think I read it first when I was about 10 and must have read it two or three times before taking it back to the library I thought about the book as a young adult, but couldn t remember the name and this was pre internet Just found it again a few years ago and re read it with as much pleasure as an adult It s a wonderful story of a child who is sent to stay with relatives in a tiny apartment in an once grand old house, who finds himself able to step b [...]

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