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The Gravesavers Sheree Fitch The Gravesavers An odd shaped shell caught my eye I turned it over It was a tiny perfect skull In the wake of a family tragedy twelve year old Minn Hotchkiss is sent to spend the summer with her sour grandmother in

  • Title: The Gravesavers
  • Author: Sheree Fitch
  • ISBN: 9780385660730
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Gravesavers Sheree Fitch An odd shaped shell caught my eye I turned it over It was a tiny, perfect skull In the wake of a family tragedy, twelve year old Minn Hotchkiss is sent to spend the summer with her sour grandmother in the tiny seaside town of Boulder Basin, Nova Scotia Almost as soon as she arrives, Minn discovers the skull of a human child on the beach She is swiftly cau An odd shaped shell caught my eye I turned it over It was a tiny, perfect skull In the wake of a family tragedy, twelve year old Minn Hotchkiss is sent to spend the summer with her sour grandmother in the tiny seaside town of Boulder Basin, Nova Scotia Almost as soon as she arrives, Minn discovers the skull of a human child on the beach She is swiftly caught up in a mystery that reaches back than a century, to the aftermath of the most tragic shipwreck in Maritime history before the Titanic.Over the course of this extraordinary summer, Minn will discover romance with a boy who turns out to be much than he seems, and learn that the grandmother she resented is curious, dedicated, and surprising than she had ever guessed She might even meet a world famous rock star By summer s end, Minn will solve a ghostly mystery and, most importantly, finally be able to give up the terrible secret she has kept locked in her heart.
    The Gravesavers Sheree Fitch

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    1. After reading this book, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the grave of the people who died in the crash of the SS Atlantic In fact, I bugged my mother so much to take me, she finally gave in and adored it The fact that this book moved me so much to make me want to go visit a grave when I was ten is unbelievable, and hopefully enough to make you want to read this book I haven t a whole lot to say about it I can t remember very specific things about it, considering the last time I read i [...]

    2. The Gravesavers book review One shipwreck One gravesite Hundreds of bones The Gravesavers, written by Sheree Fitch, is an intriguing adventure book recommended for 11 13 year olds Cinnamon Elizabeth Hotchkiss, also known as Minn, is forced to spend half of the summer at her sour grandmother s house on Boulder Basin During Minn s stay, she uncovers the mystery of the SS Atlantic that sunk 100 s of years ago, claiming thousands of lives Minn promises to take action against the deteriorating shore [...]

    3. This book had two stories told in it One of them is in the present and the other is told from the past Somehow the two stories ties everything together It is about a girl name Cinnamon Elizabeth Hotchkiss, Minn for short Minn was sent to spend the summer with her grandmother, who she thought was a witch Not so long after, she found a tiny, perfect human skull She kept the skull and talked to it like it was her little sister Minn was supposed to have a little sister but she died when she was born [...]

    4. Minn Hotchkiss is forced to spend a month with her chin haired, vinegar smelling grandma Of course she s not happy about it at first, but as the days go by, they start to form of a connection They bond over bones, and skulls After learning that a gravesite may be lost at sea forever, Minn sets a plan in motion to save the grave I picked this book up because it was recommended to me and it sounded very interesting I finished this book because I enjoyed Minns sassy personality I was so disappoint [...]

    5. After Minn s Mom becomes ill, Minn is sent to spend the summer with her grandmother in a small Nova Scotia seaside village Minn thinks her grandmother is a witch and is not happy to be spending the summer with her One day Minn finds a small skull on the beach which begins a summer of mystery involving an old graveyard, an old shipwreck, and Ghosts I enjoyed this book and would recommend it for anyone looking for a good light summer read Mary, Pugwash Library

    6. The Gravesavers is a book that tells the story of 12 year old Minn, who, following a tragedy in the family, is sent to spend a month of her summer vacation with her grandmother in Nova Scotia, who she s not particularly fond of While there, she learns about the wreck of the SS Atlantic that happened not too far from the village her grandmother lives in A local grave where many of the lost from the Atlantic were laid to rest is slowly falling into the ocean Minn makes it her summer mission to try [...]

    7. What a lovely summer read I picked it up at Mabel Murples a few weeks ago I am now intrigued to learn about the SS Atlantic Reading it from a moms perspective was bittersweet I am going to recommend this book for young teens I really enjoyed the story Sad it is over.

    8. Read in 2014 15 It was vErY slow in the beginning and was hard to want to keep reading As you read it started to get good and ended up being a overall not bad book.

    9. The Gravesavers by Sheree Fitch I really liked this book It is categorized as young adult fiction but I think it is easily enjoyed by anyone and maybe difficult to categorize The main character is so likeable and recognizable I have a 12 year old son He is as passionate about scootering as Minn is about running The writing is as fun and fresh as an overly imaginative 12 year old girl would be The Father and husband is RCMP and the mother is artistic situation very close to home for me There are [...]

    10. The Gravesavers by Sheree FitchI read this book 2 years ago and fell in love I m a type of person that loves complexity, but at the same time, I love to read simple, laid back books I would say this is definitely of a laid back book but it does include a very complex story I absolutely loved the setting in which the story takes place I also live in Canada, but I have yet to visit Nova Scotia I really enjoyed Minn s perspective In the beginning of the story, I was a little unsure if I would enjo [...]

    11. After the miscarriage of Minn s baby sister, her parents send her to live with her sour grandmother in Boulder Basin for a summer When she arrives there, she finds a tiny perfect skull that washed up on the shore from a forgotten grave site of the SS Atlantic ship Minn is determined to save the rest of the grave from washing away with the help of her new friend Max Throughout the book, Minn discovers romance and that her grandmother may not be so sour after all She also discovers that she may be [...]

    12. Minn s life has been flipped upside down after the miscarriage of her little sister, making the whole joyful Hotchkiss family collapse Minn s parents send her to her grandmother s house on the Atlantic coast of Canada, so the couple calm down and organize things Well, Minn is not happy She kinda hates her grandmother, and probably vice versa But after Minn arrives, she discovers the tragic ship accident that happened before the Titanic, almost just as bad, but forgotten, the SS Atlantic that sun [...]

    13. Such a sweet yet thought provoking middle grade novel I loved the historial fiction aspect concerning the SS Atlantic sinking apparently the greatest shipwreck to occur before the Titanic and the main character was awesome This story follows a 12 year old girl named Minn whose parents send her off to a small town in Nova Scotia to live with her eccentric grandmother for the summer During her stay, Minn uncovers an eroding grave where passengers sailing from Europe to New York were laid to rest f [...]

    14. I am usually skeptical of reading books with protagonists that are younger than I am I have been surprised in the past, and as soon as I started the book, I new I had to finish it The writing is so different, fresh and interesting The plot is good, although I would rpefer one with a deeper meaning as I am a mature reader I love books that tie in tradgedies and mysteries from the past I also have a fascination with books that are fiction, but based on non fiction shipwrecks, as this one was The b [...]

    15. This was a really well written piece, though quite sad Minn goes to live with her grandmother and finds that her Nana is trying to save the graves of people who died on the S.S Atlantic many years ago I liked how we got two different perspectives for this story, that of Minn living in the present, as well as John, a boy who was on the ship Different perspectives always throw a different light on a story, and in this case really helped as Minn doesn t know a lot of the details of the crash so it [...]

    16. I m usually pretty leery about Canadian litd also about paranormal fiction, but despite that wariness, I picked this book up from the library And I was pleasantly surprised.The library system isn t sure whether to classify this as young adult or juvenile, and to be honest, I find it somewhere in the middle Minn short for Cinnamon is 12 years old, but dealing with a lot of stuff, and has to go stay with her grandma for the summer, which she resents As bratty as she seemed at first, she grew on me [...]

    17. I found this book to be highly enjoyable When Minn goes to stay with her grandmother for the summer following the illness of her mom, she stumbles across a town saga that captures her imagination Nearly a century earlier, a shipwreck, causing the deaths of hundreds of passengers, occurs on the shores of the town As skulls and bones continue to emerge from the ocean, it is revealed that the dead have not been buried and questions about their identities are left unanswered A parallel storyline is [...]

    18. This book is one of the most amazing that I ve ever read, honest to God I can t even describe what a remarkable and captivating story it holds The realness of the characters and the way Sheree Fitch describes how events unfold it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it I would definitely recommend this book I will admit that I wasn t so thrilled and excited about it during the first few chapters, it does have a bit of a slow start, but you have to give it a chance You will be blown away It a [...]

    19. I really enjoyed reading this book I thought it was incredibly well written and the story kept my attention I loved how Fitch overlapped the two stories and made them easily distinguishable The stories of John and Minn were completely separate stories and Fitch was able to unite them in the end flawlessly I also liked the imaginary fantasy part of the story with the spirits because they were unique, and realistic compared to fictional characters in other books I loved the characters, loved the [...]

    20. the same situation depicted in this book is now happening in my real life nova scotia town, so i have to say something for this book s accuracy but also, this is absolutely gorgeous and poetic and funny and for everyone everywhere of any age sheree fitch is a goddess with the power to make you fall in love with every one of her characters you can feel both like a child and as old as the world while reading her books im in love.

    21. This was a book that I would have loved as a little girl but loved it just the same as a woman She spoke as I believe I did as a girl and I really loved the local references I especially appreciated the parts that were sad and that it wasn t all happy and roses in the end It is about real life and moved me to tears at times I look forward to reading of Sheree Fitch s works She uses words in a way that I truly wish I could

    22. Sheree Fitch s way with words is apparent here in this first YA novel Characters are quirky you d expect that of her and novel got off to a good start I just couldn t come to terms with the plot twist and subsequent supernatural element That left me feeling cold about the book in general Really enjoyed the historical content as I was totally unfamiliar with the SS Atlantic a naval disaster practically in my own backyard

    23. In a clever blend of historical fact and fiction, Fitch has told two stories One is the survivor of the sinking of the Atlantic in 1873 off the coast of Nova Scotia John Hindley was the only child who survived all the women also died In the present, Cinnamon Hotchkisss, who is also suffering from survivor s guilt, is sent to stay with her Vinegary Nana for the summer A mystery ensues cleverly tying everything together in a satisfying story.

    24. Oh my God I loved loved loved this book It was so cute When I came to the end i cried Like tears were running down my face and at this point I was in the car driving with my mom on the highway She asked me wat was wrong and I told her then I read her the end of the book and started crying even harder God I was a mess But I loved this book this is definatly one of my new classics Thanks for the read

    25. I was nervous to read this book because I grew up reading Sheree Fitch s poems for children and couldn t imagine how she could just write a full length novel for young adults Within the first few pages I got a glimpse of Fitch s poetic style and wordplay, and it continued throughout It s especially noticeable in descriptive sentences The story and characters were compelling and I loved the way Fitch describes their emotions and thoughts Hooray for a good find

    26. A modern story in Nova Scotia is interwoven with an older story of immigrants coming from Europe via ship Eventually the two stories coincide It was a fun read, interesting, and not the type of book I usually read It is based on some true events, but fictionalized Kind of a mystery, young girl struggling with family and self story Enjoyable, with a weird twist that would almost make me not like the story, but it ties together well, so I give it a thumbs up.

    27. After 12 year old Minn s mother suffers a miscarriage, Minn is shipped off for the summer to stay with her sour grandmother She s soon caught up in a mystery surrounding a shipwreck that took place than a century ago off the shores of Nova Scotia as she tries to save the graveyard that houses the passengers bones It s a teen book, but quite good.

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