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Breathless Scott Prussing Breathless Breathless is the first book in the Blue Fire Saga a paranormal romance series set at a small college in present day Connecticut There are currently five books in the series Weston College freshman L

  • Title: Breathless
  • Author: Scott Prussing
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Breathless Scott Prussing Breathless is the first book in the Blue Fire Saga, a paranormal romance series set at a small college in present day Connecticut There are currently five books in the series Weston College freshman Leesa Nyland has been fascinated by vampires since she was three years old That s when her mom started acting weird, insisting sunlight hurt her skin because she d been bittBreathless is the first book in the Blue Fire Saga, a paranormal romance series set at a small college in present day Connecticut There are currently five books in the series Weston College freshman Leesa Nyland has been fascinated by vampires since she was three years old That s when her mom started acting weird, insisting sunlight hurt her skin because she d been bitten by a one fanged vampire But fascinated doesn t mean Leesa believes Any than she believes in blue fire, people who live for centuries, and kisses that can kill But when her beloved older brother suddenly disappears, she is forced to consider all these and She also has to figure out what to do about her mysterious new boyfriend She knows Rave likes her a lot so why won t he kiss her As Leesa draws closer to finding her brother, she faces some gut wrenching decisions Should she risk her mom s life trying to cure her Should she continue seeing Rave, after he reveals his dangerous secret And most terrifying of all, should she make the ultimate sacrifice give up her humanity to save her brother
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    One thought on “Breathless”

    1. I was going thru some of the books I had downloaded and realized I had downloaded this months ago and thinking to myself what an idiot I hadn t started reading it sooner I fell instantly in love with this book What had I been missing The story starts out as Judy Nyland being pregnant and coming out of the woods to her sister with blood on her neck from a bite from a one fang vampire As time went on, Leesa has been born and has heard her mother s story many times and now seems to show signs of be [...]

    2. Hi y all Anne here I ve just finished reading Breathless, I enjoyed this book The first few chapters give you a well detailed view and introduction to all the characters that will play a main role in the book The characters are beautifully flawed like real people they don t project a perfect life or life style They truly are realistic with their struggles in life with a paranormal twist tossed in Leesa a shy and loving girl recalls past stories her mother told of a one fanged vampire who attack [...]

    3. The beginning of the story was intriguing a one fanged vampire The one fanged vampire phenomenon was a great way to catch a paranormal reader s attention I mean, who gets bitten by a one fanged vampire It s unusual, not unheard of, and definitely not an angle that is used very often in vampire stories so it gives off the impression of some originality A disabled vampire seems most certainly on the right side of originality But, then the rest of the story needs to display the same kind of creativ [...]

    4. It was okay It was slow in some parts and a little TOO descriptive in others The first thought in my head during one part was This isnt some Twilight wannabe, is it The stories kinda paralleled for a bit there Pretty and shy girl goes to school, meets a handsome auburn haired stranger, they feel an instant and undeniable attraction and pull to each other It does make fun of Twilight for a bit there, but mostly in just a couple paragraphs.To tell you the truth, it was kinda difficult to read Usua [...]

    5. Review brought to you by OBS staff member AutumnReview Everyone knows I love a good vampire book The Blue Fire Saga by Scott Prussing promises something new and original It keeps this promise.Leesa Nyland is far from your average heroine Despite being born with a physical handicap, she is both unassumingly beautiful and independent She decides to attend her brother s university in New England, shortly after he mysteriously disappears Her family had fled from Connecticut to California when she wa [...]

    6. I like the one fanged vampire hook With a descriptive writing style, Scott Prussing delivers a refreshing spin on vampire reads.Leesa Nyland is a young and naive college student looking for her brother after he leaves her notice he is leaving and not to come look for him Despite her brother s request, Leesa sets out on a journey to find her brother, only to come face to face with entities she does not believe in or even know they exist One valkaane and one vampire, loving one and needing somethi [...]

    7. This was an easy and well written read It could have gotten pretty complicated with all of the various supernatural creatures and terms, but the author did a good job explaining everything and reminding the reader of the various details, which I appreciated This is also a great book for Fall reading, because it is set in Connecticut in the Fall And there is a Halloween party too The author really put a lot of details into descriptions of clothing and food Sometimes too many clothing details, in [...]

    8. I have a few problems concerning this book It is not that I did not like the plot In fact, I think that the plot is really unique and quite interesting There were twists and turns that I never saw coming in this book The plot and story deserve 5 stars all by itself, but the problems that I encounter in this book pegs it down to two stars making it a series that I will never finish I will read different books by this author, if I think it is interesting, but I will never finish this series I have [...]

    9. Breathless was a riveting tale The story is woven intricately with mystery, suspense and paranormal flavors It starts with Leesa, who is leaving for college in Connecticut Her main goal is to find her brother Bradley, who has mysteriously gone missing In the process of investigating, Leesa finds that vampires are not the only thing running around her college Her curiousity is not only fueled by her intense need to find her brother, but also by her own mother, who was once bitten by a one fanged [...]

    10. Breathless was a quick, easy read Although the main character is a new college student, the story read as a YA novel to me There were some early similarities to Meyer s series, but they didn t continue throughout, thank goodness When her older brother sends a letter saying he s going away and not to look for him, Leesa Nyland does the opposite She heads to her Aunt and Uncle s in Connecticut and starts attending the same college as her brother While trying to solve the mystery of her missing br [...]

    11. OK here it goes, the start was a little bit slow but not by any means enough to put the book down I still wanted to hear what was next The story line was different and new and the vampires as well I was excited that it was not all the same old vampire stuff I ve read or even the love story in the book the same as most Yes, there was an awesome love story for sure and I was excited to be a part of it, it made me happy and sad all at once You will love it too The book was for sure a page turner as [...]

    12. Breathless, Book 1 of the Blue Flame seriesAuthor Scott PrussingSynopsis Breathless is a modern fantasy romance novel in the mode of Twilight and Vampire Diaries, with enough new ideas to excite even the most devoted fans Weston College freshman Leesa Nyland has been fascinated by vampires since she was three years old That s when her mom started acting weird, insisting sunlight hurt her skin because she d been bitten by a one fanged vampire But fascinated doesn t mean Leesa believes Any than s [...]

    13. I was swept along and filled with curiousity the entire read Wandering as to where the read was taking me I was Tantalized by the male characters swoon and intrigued by a unique and interesting storyline I was mystified And now think somehow the book has compelled me into buying the other two on my kindle Very clever indeed I can see this series being a great movie Chuckles the writing was completely enthralling And I m now waited with Baited breath to read the next twoThe romance was sweet, and [...]

    14. College freshman Leesa Nyland has been fascinated by vampires since she was a small child That s when her mother began acting strangely, saying that the sunlight hurt her skin because she had been bitten by a one fanged vampire.This doesn t mean Leesa believes in them Nor does she believe in blue fire, people living for centuries, or kisses that can kill But when her brother disappears, she s forced to consider these and She knows her new boyfriend, Rave, likes her a lot, but why won t he kiss [...]

    15. Ok So I was skeptical about this book A YA romance novel a dude However I was pleasently surprised that the romance spectrum was exactly the kind I like Sweet and lots of it The book did start off with a lot of background and there was alot of descriptions in the book clothes people were wearing, the characters surroundings, the way people looked There was enough action to keep me interested, but I didn t feel like I was bogged down with useless fights just to make the story seem action packed T [...]

    16. WOW JUST WOW This book was an awesome story about love sacrifice and extremes people are willing to go to for their family Leesa Nyland without knowing it was thrown into the world of vampires when she was born, her mother bitten by a rare and shunned vampire called a grafhym Leesa attends a college in Connecticut a complete 360 degree difference from her home in San Diego, CA But what and who she will run into at this school is way than she bargained for and she falls completely head over heel [...]

    17. I got this book from when it was listed for free I wasn t sure what to expect, I mean who ever heard of a one fanged vampire And people who live for centuries that have blue fire and whose kisses can kill That is what drew my attention, I had to know about these deadly kisses.Surely vampires are just fiction, just the imagination of some writer, but what do you do when your whole life has been turned upside down because your mom believes that she was bitten by a one fanged vampire and claims th [...]

    18. Breatless is about a young girl named Leesa, who seemed to have quite the sense of humor, considering the unraveling of her family A mother who was bitten by a one fanged vampire, a dad that left her after the fact, and a brother who disappears A mix of Desiratu causeing the bloodlust raged, uncontrollable hunger a young vampire and all can barely control, and the Volkaane vampire hunters that go after them was a great mix into the story.Young Leesa heads off to college in Middleton, CT fresh st [...]

    19. The book starts off with Lessa telling us how a new breed or unusual vampire has ruined her family The book pulled me in and made me feel like I was right there and it was quite the ride The characters in Breathless are easy to love and Scott makes it feel like you could know them The love story is new the vampires are different and the plot has some twists I didn t see coming This is not your normal vampire story and I can t wait to see where book 2 Deathless takes me Breathless is well written [...]

    20. Breathless by Scott PrussingWas an excellent read that I couldn t put down The whole book is excellent I gave it 5 stars It is one of those books I will re read a million times and never tire of it It is an excellent read and I can t wait to read his other books in this series This is an excellent read you don t want to pass up

    21. I really enjoyed reading Breathless Who would have thought of using a one fanged vamp other then Scott This book had a wonderful love story mixed with suspense and fun I really loved Cali, just about everytime they talked I was either smiling or laughing Thank you Scott

    22. Breathless will set UR heart ablaze I m absolutely hooked on Leesa Rave The Blue Fire Saga is completely addictive Full of Forbidden Love, Dark Mystery LOL Funny, Humor, Thrills N Chills If U haven t read this series yet, what s stopping U U are missing out on something spectacular Scott Prussing is a Writing Rock Star I give it 5 Smoldering Hot Stars All The Way I m already devouring book 2 Deathless

    23. Not sure what to rate this YA book I liked it enough to want to read another book It s not as fantastical as the average vampire book But from a Google search of a new being I had yet to hear of, this author created this particular vampire hunter I liked the concept of a new being Part fantasy, part romance, part friendship, part family Enjoyable story One thing that bothered me was that during certain scenes every item of clothing worn by each character was described I understood it for the Hal [...]

    24. A fanged vampire, vampire hunter who s kisses can be deadly, a brooding vampire, a missing brother, Oh my It all started with Leesa s mother whose walk in the woods would turn out changing her whole life and the ones around her Exiting the woods with a bite on her neck and saying a one fanged vampire attacked her After that Leesa s mother was never the same, eating or drinking only red and staying out of direct sunlight With her mother believing in vampires, Leesa is fascinated with them as well [...]

    25. Warning This book is One Fanged TERRIFIC To learn about the Blue Fire Saga, go to scottprussingMy Rating 10 of 10My Cover Thoughts I love this cover The blue fire coming from Rave s hands into Leesa s body is BEAUTIFUL My Thoughts Review WOW is the first word that comes to mind I laughed and cried and threw this book because I wanted Lord this book had me up all night reading like a mad person Tehehe I really enjoyed it Leesa is your all American girl but with a twist She has a crazy mother wh [...]

    26. When I saw the the authors name it took me a while to process it, in my mind I kept saying SCOTT, SCOTT Hmm Did I every read a PNR written by a man before, especially one about vampires No, I don t believe so The synopsis sounded very interesting so I decided to give it a try and I was glad I did I really enjoyed it I wasn t sure if Prussing would write a paranormal romance the way I like it and he sure could weave a good paranormal romance, i m kind of a sucker for the consumed with each other [...]

    27. My rating is 4 1 2 stars.I was so happy to be given the chance to review this book I d read a few mixed reviews about it, but I wanted to form my own opinion I loved the blurb, and the cover is just gorgeous We have been given a new and exciting twist to vampire stories, we are introduced to a new breed of vampire, one that is so unbelievable it ll intrigue you to read This book has it s own unique quality, it that takes you on a spellbinding adventure A story of passion, young forbidden love, [...]

    28. Breathless , by Scott Prussing is a fantastic take on the paranormal, romance genre With Leesa Nyland s fasciation regarding one fanged vampires all started by her mother s claim that she was bitten by one this initially made me feel a little bit dubious, but it all paid off I found this book to be intriguing, both full of mystery and suspense With the disappearance of Leesa s older brother, she finds that her belief system is put to the ultimate test all of these thought to be myths ultimately [...]

    29. I finally finished it Things I liked I thought Raves character was interesting and he could of been really fun if their relationship wasn t so delayed because of his fire mouth I also was curious how Leesa s bad leg would play out, but she never let it stop her I loved Cali s personality because we all have that crazy friend that gets the party going She was fun to read.Things I didn t like Everything was really detailed I mean from the trees to the desk to the weather Some people will love that [...]

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