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War Party Louis L'Amour War Party Bud Miles was a boy when he crossed the Mississippi But Bud buried his father after an Indian attack and as the wagon train pushed on through Sioux country the boy stood as tall as any man Tell Sack

  • Title: War Party
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 9780553253931
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • War Party Louis L'Amour Bud Miles was a boy when he crossed the Mississippi But Bud buried his father after an Indian attack, and as the wagon train pushed on through Sioux country, the boy stood as tall as any man Tell Sackett killed cougars at fourteen and fought a war at fifteen Now Tell was hauling dangerous freight a soldier s wife and a fortune in gold knowing that someone waBud Miles was a boy when he crossed the Mississippi But Bud buried his father after an Indian attack, and as the wagon train pushed on through Sioux country, the boy stood as tall as any man Tell Sackett killed cougars at fourteen and fought a war at fifteen Now Tell was hauling dangerous freight a soldier s wife and a fortune in gold knowing that someone wanted him dead Laurie Bonnet was a mail order bride who thought she was a failure on the frontier But when the chips were down, she was the only one who could save her husband s life In these marvelous stories of the West, Louis L Amour tells of travelers, gunfighters, homesteaders, and adventurers men and women making hard and sudden choices and fighting battles that could cut a person s life short or open up a bold new future on the American frontier.
    War Party Louis L'Amour

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      490 Louis L'Amour
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    One thought on “War Party”

    1. War Party is a collection of short, western tales written between the years 1948 and 1960 by the most famous western author of all time Louis L Amour Each story is well written and full of action The main characters are interesting and every Indian in the book is an Apache Even the famous Cochise makes an appearance in one of the stories.By the time I started the fourth chapter, I realized that this novel was a collection of short stories rather that one single story I kept waiting for character [...]

    2. What can be pitiful than a townless town drunk Louis L Amour was a writing machine, and each of the short stories collected in this edition could ve made for a proper novel Instead, they re a solid collection of stories similar to Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes They re done in L Amour s style and contain the perfect blend of adventure, rite of passage, violence, wisdom, suspense, romance, twists, and humor, told against the backdrop of the old West Maybe even a Sackett makes an appearance W [...]

    3. I didn t read this whole book, it s a compilation of short stories But I read the Sackett related one Booty for a Badman , which I think should actually be BEFORE Sackett not after, because it s also about Tell, but before he meets up with his woman I also read one just following that which was quite enjoyable, about a woman left alone in scarey Indian country and how she earns their respect with her good shooting, and then ends up with a guy whose life was saved by her husband s death.

    4. I picked up this book pretty much at random and started reading it thinking it was a short Louis L Amour novel, but found it a collection of short stories The stories are all excellent highly readable and never dragging I would have rated the collection higher than three stars, but several are formulaic enough to be noticeable that is the only minor criticism I have of this collection I m not really a Western fan, but I ve never read a Louis L Amour book I didn t enjoy, and this volume keeps tha [...]

    5. Bud Miles, a boy, buried his father after an Indian attack He had to be a man because he and his mother traveled by wagon train to California.The excitement of seeing new land, the thrill of meeting strange people and the fear of encountering cruel enemies stirred up different emotions It s hard to imagine the pioneers traveling rough terrain, difficult paths, and nearly impossible situations But War Parties gave me a glimpse into that world I even found myself shedding a tear This has become on [...]

    6. I m a Louis L Amour fan War Party is a collection of short stories everyone I considered a winner.I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories Even they I had read them several years ago, they were still fresh and like new.

    7. Louis L Amour is a great writer There is no wonder why 300 million copies of all his 120 stories are still in print world wide No matter what genre you like, his writing ability surpasses being pigeon holed, and I believe anyone would enjoy his pioneer stories, as he likes to call them This book was a collection of short stories I picked up to introduce myself to L Amour Glad I did He has an amazing ability to draw you in and set up a story fast His characters are well described and very real He [...]

    8. This is a compilation of a number of short stories, one of which includes a Tell Sackett story Overall, I think it s clear that Louis L Amour is a fantastic short story writer He isn t strong with character development in his longer novels, nor long term pacing, and you don t have to deal with either of those in short stories So, what you get are fast paced, quick to the point westerns, and they re great.With that said, it seems he likes to deal with broken families widows with children, men who [...]

    9. I love short stories and L Amour does them well Booty for a Badmanis the story of interest to Sackett fans but it isn t my favorite in this collection, partly because I don t like Tell s attitude toward the lady he helps The Gift of Conchisetook my favorite spot, followed by War Party, both for featuring strong female characters Those two stories alone make this collection worth reading especially to younger gals Alkali Basin still has me perplexed I ve missed something with that story But, on t [...]

    10. This book was alright, but I m not really into these kind of books I was disappointed in the book, it wasn t enjoyable to read It was hard to stay interested in the book, it wasn t great, but it was alright Its takes a while to get into the book, I had to get with through the first 20 pages before I knew what was going on I would recommend this book to someone who likes a western adventure book.

    11. This book starts with a bang a lone man out in the wilds, cracking a vein of gold and quartz in a teetering monolithic rock as he thinks of his wife and son The rock is huge and he mines his way up to 16 feet deep to harvest the gold that will make his family s dreams come true but the rock cracksThis book is an interesting collage of short stories along the line of the Grub Line Rider.

    12. Reread this lately I was on a Louis L Amour kick I guess It was alright His short stories are good, but it always makes me wish they were a full novel and not just a few pages Louis L Amour s are kind of funny that way, sometimes I think his novels drag on and on, basically because he repeats the same sort of stuff in every single one, but then others you wish he would flesh it out a bit .

    13. This is the millionth time reading this short story collection by one of my favorite authors I especially love the story about the woman leaving her husband and how a chance encounter with an old man changes everything While this isn t his best short story collection, it is still an enjoyable read.

    14. Confusing I somehow overlooked that this was a collection of shorts stories, and since some of the same characters appear in than one story, it was a while before I figured it out Really, I was very sad, because the first story was the best of the bunch, and I would ve liked a whole novella spun out of it Still a L Amour fan, but this wasn t for me.

    15. A collection of L Amour s short stories I generally like his novels better but there are some good ones here L Amour also wrote a number of short stories or novellas that he later expanded to full length novels.

    16. I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and or to read within the series.My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

    17. Touted as a continuation of the Sackett series, there was no evident tie in This book chronicles the trek of a wagon train from mid west to California Internal strife, Indians, weather, interpersonal relationships dot the narrative OK read Not great.

    18. Disappointed this was a book of short stories instead of a novel They were pretty good stories for the most part.

    19. This is a very nice collection of short stories with a western theme I really enjoyed reading it.

    20. Collection of short stories, really liked one called The Gift of Cochise This book made me want to work hard.

    21. A collection of delightful frontier stories by the master storyteller Louis L Amour Many of these invole conflicts with Indians.

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