The Camera Never Lies #2020

The Camera Never Lies Tess Daly The Camera Never Lies Britt Baxter is a something model on the verge of landing a campaign that will make her career But when things don t go to plan her dreams of seeing her face on billboards are shattered and she is

  • Title: The Camera Never Lies
  • Author: Tess Daly
  • ISBN: 9781444734188
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Camera Never Lies Tess Daly Britt Baxter is a 20 something model on the verge of landing a campaign that will make her career But when things don t go to plan her dreams of seeing her face on billboards are shattered, and she is forced to pick up the pieces and start again.
    The Camera Never Lies Tess Daly

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    One thought on “The Camera Never Lies”

    1. I ve never picked up a celebrity penned novel before, but I quite like Tess Daly and apparently she wrote this book herself Unfortunately, this book hasn t made me want to read any books written by celebs It was readable, but just barely I found the characters one dimensional and the story so ridiculous as to be unbelievable a 26 year old fairly successful model hasn t got enough money or a credit card in order to purchase an air ticket home from Tokyo Please Not my cup of tea at all.

    2. I got straight in to reading this book and I felt sorry for Britt having to try and make it in to being a model which did not work out as there was sexual things that she was asked to do which was not her so she went in to going abroad to try and make some money which did not work out well as she hardly made any money to send back as she had rent and pay for bills also food while living abroad Ended up with having to borrow money from her friend who I can t remember her name but after a while of [...]

    3. I always get a bit sniffy when TV presenters or actors start writing books because the purist that I am feels that a professional needs to hone their craft before they let loose I also do not subscribe to the Jack of all Trades trend and Master of None When I heard that TV presenter, Tess Daly had released a novel I remained pretty unimpressed but I did hear a few good things about it last year when the hardback was released The paperback version was released last month with a bit of furor The C [...]

    4. Imagine having it all and being on top of the world , it s a life that most aspiring models dream of , starring in photoshoots alongside Matthew McConaughey British gal Britt Baxter was offered the opportunity of a lifetime , to star as the cover girl of a new label one catch though , she has to sleep with the label s boss Britt, not one to let her morals down and the fact that she has a boyfriend Alex turns it down and soon finds herself in Model exile Tokyo , Japan The one place on earth that [...]

    5. If you like chicklit books you will like this I am not sure if Tess Daly actually wrote the book herself or if this was a ghost writer.I enjoyed the novel but the ending was predictable I did laugh out loud in some place and I did like the outcome of the twists in the story line I will look out for future novels from Tess Daly.The story line is about a struggling model called Britt who is finding work hard to come by and to top it all her boyfriend Alex has just been made redundant instead of ge [...]

    6. If you like fashion this book is for you The story is about a young woman really finding herself She was a model so pretty but a size 8 wow they consider that curvy who aged out the industry and had to find her way into something new On the way she met some pretty shallow people who used her and sabotaged her but her family and friends and most importantly her love stayed by her So you get the Walt Disney happily ever after.The book is approximately 350 pages but it is a very easy read Enjoy.

    7. I really enjoyed this book One of the better celebrity authors I ve read recently Britt is struggling to stay in work as an over 30 s model She gets a waitressing job where she is offered a presenting slot on breakfast tv It follows her success onscreen and the difficulties she faces as a result behind the scenes I d definately look out for her second novel.

    8. I liked this book and read it in one day as it got interesting when the TV studio stuff began however I couldn t bring myself to feel sorry for Brit in a way I thought she deserved the trouble but at the end of the book I was pleased it worked out for her Its just a shame she didnt shop Josh to the police alongside Gaz.

    9. I have always been a big fan of this Author, I watch Strictly ComeDancing most Saturday nights, and I was looking forward to her novel.Tess covered the 2 subjects she is knowledgeable about modelling and presenting, in this book, I don t always like Celebrity Novels, considering it was a Celebrity Novel it was good, and I would recommend

    10. I nearly gave up on this as I found it really quite silly to start with, but it got interesting as it went along Some quite funny incidents and great behind the scenes stuff from both TV and modelling, both areas that Tess Daly is obviously familiar with.

    11. Not sure about this book, too many Designer s names dropped, main character bit drippy,, glad I didn t pay a lot for iy,There are so many chic lit,writers out to read, and far better,, Sorry Tess not my cup of tea,,

    12. It was an easy going book, soft clear I liked the subject as it can happen to anyone in daily life.

    13. Kept me entertained a good read to avoid kids telly a little formulaic but makes you wonder how much was based on tv land gossip Enjoyed it though.

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