When a Scot Loves a Lady #2020

When a Scot Loves a Lady Katharine Ashe When a Scot Loves a Lady London gossips are asking What use has society of an exclusive gentleman s club if no gentlemen are ever seen to pass through its door After years as an agent of the secret Falcon Club Lord Leam Blac

  • Title: When a Scot Loves a Lady
  • Author: Katharine Ashe
  • ISBN: 9780062031662
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a Scot Loves a Lady Katharine Ashe London gossips are asking What use has society of an exclusive gentleman s club if no gentlemen are ever seen to pass through its door After years as an agent of the secret Falcon Club, Lord Leam Blackwood knows it s time to return home to Scotland One temptation threatens his plans Kitty Savege The scandal plagued lady warms his blood like a dram of fine whiskey But aLondon gossips are asking What use has society of an exclusive gentleman s club if no gentlemen are ever seen to pass through its door After years as an agent of the secret Falcon Club, Lord Leam Blackwood knows it s time to return home to Scotland One temptation threatens his plans Kitty Savege The scandal plagued lady warms his blood like a dram of fine whiskey But a dangerous enemy stands in the way of desire, and to beat this foe Leam needs Kitty s help Kitty never wanted to spend her holidays in a wretched country village With snow up to the windows, escape is nowhere in sight A roguish Scottish lord, however, is His rough brogue sends tingles of heat from Kitty s frigid toes to her chilled nose, but she s confident she can withstand that What she cannot control is the reaction of her carefully guarded heart when she discovers this beast is, in fact, no beast at all
    When a Scot Loves a Lady Katharine Ashe

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      400 Katharine Ashe
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    One thought on “When a Scot Loves a Lady”

    1. READ it if you re a fan of romantic spy storyN T READ it if you don t have the time to decipher the hero s lines Let me explain On the back cover of the book, the Scottish hero is described to have a rough brogue So in order to drill that in, the author decided to make things complicated for readers like me who are not so familiar with that accent For the most part of the book, the hero s lines are written like so Nou, frae whit woud a wumman the likes of ye be needing tae rin awa Nae That s whi [...]

    2. 50 pages in, I wanted to hit myself I stopped reading.1 I have issues with the overuse of dialect It doesn t bother me when it s one or two words, just to remind readers It doesn t bother me when a secondary character goes hog wild, but I read romance to escape the headaches of being a post graduate history student reading philosophy and eighteenth century documents I translate French and German for school I m not going to spend a great deal of time translating this author s inane idea of a heav [...]

    3. Lady Katherine Kitty Savege, in the middle of Revenge, makes Life Altering Eye Contact with the barbarian Uilleam Leam Blackwood, Earl Three years later they are stranded together during a snowstorm With nothing better to do, they do each other After being unstranded, they do it again but with feeling Additional plot beats my wife passed my brother s baby off as mine my former lover ruined me so I ruined him barren wombs proven wrong treason bonus spouses SPIES SPYING SPYFULLY etc 1 The brogue w [...]

    4. This was an interesting read and not your typical fare, which is what Katharine Ashe excels at I almost never read books with the Scottish brogue written in because it drives me nuts I will pretend in my head, but reading it on the page jerks me out of the story because I have to slow down to figure out what the character is saying In this book, the accent is part of an act and does not last the entire book so don t give up if you re like me.This story was a slow burn attraction between Kitty an [...]

    5. Delightful, passion filled and OMG Amazing If you enjoy historical romance and have yet to discover Katharine Ashewho obviously spells her name WRONG LOL Then you must read her books Seriously, what are you waiting for Okayyou need Let s see Alpha heros who have their flaws, Heroines who are not TSTL too stupid to live and do not fit the trend of the Ton Add regency dresses and the wagging tongues of gossips and you have a romance in the making This is a steamy historical that you will not be a [...]

    6. 2 5 aunque m s bien 1.5 Horroroso Ni uno m s de est mujer Ya no se si es que escribe as de mal, es por la traducci n o yo me estoy volviendo tonta, pero de muchas partes me he enterado fatal, me han parecido confusas Esto me ha hecho que no me meta en la historia para nada y no me haya interesado Adem s un giro final que no me he cre do para nada Totalmente prescindible

    7. RETO ESCOCIA C de Cuando un hombre se enamoraFue complicado leerlo Gran parte del libro se sostiene sobre unos personajes Leam y Kitty al parecer carentes de cualquier tipo de sentimientos, emoci n No solamente su relaci n es fr a, si no que sus interacciones son breves y basadas en un aprecio m s ntimo que otra cosa Kitty parece ser una persona muy cerrada, completamente ajena al mundo y hastiada de todo, as que si ella no pod a disfrutar nada yo que la le a tampoco Leam es un alma en pena por [...]

    8. 3 1 2 stars rounded down to 3 stars, because a Leam s Scottish brogue drove me nuts in the first half of the book and b the plot twists near the end were too OTT

    9. I read this book when it first came out, before I knew how important reviews are to authors I can t believe the 1 star reviews This is the first book of the Falcon Club series and I loved it For those who have said his Scottish accent was bad, did you not understand he was exaggerating for a reason Katherine Savege, the heroine, feels unworthy of love due to a mistake when she was young and na ve and she wants revenge She met Leam Blackwood at a ball once and encounters him a few years later at [...]

    10. This new book by Katharine Ashe was excellent I really enjoyed this book It s about a Scot and a Lady Of course the scot is Lord Leam Blackwood who has been a secret agent for the Falcon Club He has returned after five years of service and retire to his home in Scotland He only wants to leave every thing behind him and raise his son But his plans are interrupted when the weather hampers his journey and is forced to stay at an inn When Leam meets fellow travelers at the inn, he doesn t expect to [...]

    11. An ok read I didn t buy the love story A ruined woman and a widower whose late wife lied to him They had a lot of personal baggage which wasn t properly explored Ashe threw in this whole spying business which took up a lot of space I didn t believe that they had any lasting affections toward each other But if you go in not expecting a great love story, it s not a bad book.

    12. I really loved the characters The storyline, however, baffled me at times But I quit trying to figure it out and just kept on reading That worked since everything gets tidied up at the end Definitely some elements of the story I didn t see coming Kitty and Leam were very well matched He had influenced her life even before she really knew him just by a chance encounter at a ball It changed her direction in life So this book allows us to see what that encounter led to I ll for sure read the next i [...]

    13. 4.5 stars My review originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed joyfullyreviewed new rAfter losing her innocence in ways than one Lady Katherine Savage has given up any real hope of finding love Then a snowstorm lands Kitty in a country inn, trapped for the holidays Among those snowed in with her is Lord Leam Blackwood, a roguish Scotsman who tempts her, though for the life of her Kitty cannot understand why What she does know is that Leam is than he seems, and with no end to the snow in sight, she [...]

    14. Will I ever know the real you when you refuse to reveal your secrets Lady Katherine Savege has given up on finding any match, let alone a love match after her heart had been so violently broken Her mother has let Kitty do as she pleases and that has always pleased Kitty very much Kitty has made than a few poor decisions and vindication always comes at a high price to everyone but freedom is worth the issues that come with it.Setting off with her friend Kitty and their entourage the group find t [...]

    15. I was really into this book until the addition of about three crazy plot twists at the end It s a bit like mental whiplash ha, there is this, but wait this other thing, and then, blam surprise Oy So many twists as a set up and then the actual reason for all the drama and dangertaken care of by a good right hook and a magistrate Meh, what a let down and it really didn t have much to do with anything in the end A lot of characters were introduced over the course of the plot who are fairly two dime [...]

    16. Katharine Ashe s Scotsman Leam, Earl of Blackwood, is big and rough and barely fit for Regency England s ballrooms But wait he has steely intelligence within, a poet s soul, a deep sense of guilt and a crusader s determination And he is immediately captivated by Lady Katherine Savege, exchanging a life changing message in a glance Kitty, we are told, allows herself to turn from her vengeance to a simpler life after that exchange Three years later there follows an interval snowbound with likeable [...]

    17. La primera parte del libro, toda una decepci n, una consecuci n de escenas de seducci n con algunos buenos di logos Y la historia un poco confusa No est mal, si te esperas un libro muy hot, pero no era lo que yo esperaba Con dos escenas, la de las cartas y la de la cocina, bien relatadas y muy subidas de tono Que, al igual que a m , seguro que os har n disfrutar mucho.La traducci n no ha acompa ado, demasiado literal, o al menos a m me lo ha parecido.A partir de la mitad, el libro mejora bastant [...]

    18. Me da una rabia enorme tener que puntuar de esta forma Porque la historia promet a mucho, y los personajes tienen una pinta estupenda, pero la traducci n es TAN SUMAMENTE HORRENDA que echa a perder todo el libro, as , tal cual Me parece una aut ntica verg enza que una editorial se permita sacar a la venta aunque sea s lo en digital una traducci n bazofia como esta, tan mala que hay un momento de la historia en la que ni siquiera sabes muy bien qu es lo que est pasando y, o pones de tu propia ima [...]

    19. DNF I think I had the same issues with this book as the previous book I read by this author There are so many details that are omitted from the story and initially I wondered if I was reading a book that was the second or third in a series, because it seemed that I was expected to have a passing understanding of who the characters were The narrative jumps awkwardly and characters behave strangely, and I found I was continuing because I was perplexed than because I was interested Ultimately I de [...]

    20. Alas, yet another one read without immediate review I enjoyed it, but the main character was a Scottish Lord who kept switching back and forth between regular English and Scottish because he was a secret agent I found that annoying I think that books about secret clubs and agents aren t my thing.

    21. While the idea for the plot was most likely a good one, the implementation of it was terrible The author appears to have left some details in her head and not transferred them to the paper Illogical jumps were made and assumptions of knowlege about the characters and their emotions made the book very difficult to follow.

    22. I couldn t finish it And, I rarely ever quit a book But, 11% in, I just didn t want to spend any time on it I didn t enjoy it, and I wasn t willing to continue Other people really enjoyed this book, but it just wasn t for me.

    23. Me encanta Leam amo a Kitty desde qu empieza el libro se lee la qu mica que comparten Me gusta la personalidad de ambos queriendo aparentar frialdad, pero siempre les cae un l quido caliente de atracci n.

    24. Sigo diciendo lo mismo de siempre, por favor traduzcan mas al espa ol de esta autora Para mi es perfecta y esta historia tiene un 10

    25. When a Scot Loves a Lady is the first book in Katharine Ashe s new Falcon Club series, and it introduces us to an exciting, passionate tale of a Scotsman who must return home, and the lady he needs to make it there The title alone makes me wonder what being a Scot has to do with loving a lady, and whether it s forbidden or not In 1816 London, though, English ladies loving Scottish Lords was still a fact that set society atwitter But it s another veiled convention that sets this tale apart Plus t [...]

    26. When a Scot Loves a Lady is the first book in the Falcon Club series The heroine is Lady Katherine Savege, also known as Kitty Kitty is a bit scandalous, she is a fallen woman who also has a reputation for being a lover scorned when she took down the man who had taken advantage of her Kitty has taken great care in hiding her true self from the rest of the world so much that most people believe her fa ade but in truth Kitty no longer believes she has the right to a relationship nor love The hero [...]

    27. I read something else by the author and loved it enough to add a bunch from her backlist to my TBR If this had been my first book of hers I never would have read another Stilted writing Overly metaphorical and confusing foreshadowing through short interjections I had no idea who was thinking what or what they were referring to And then the big twist just appearing in the middle of a park at a completely random meeting of other people in an already dramatic scene lost me If I had been reading an [...]

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