Confessions from an Arranged Marriage #2020

Confessions from an Arranged Marriage Miranda Neville Confessions from an Arranged Marriage They couldn t be different but there s one thing they agree onIn London after a two year exile Lord Blakeney plans to cut a swathe through the bedchambers of the demimonde Marriage is not on his agen

  • Title: Confessions from an Arranged Marriage
  • Author: Miranda Neville
  • ISBN: 9780062023056
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Confessions from an Arranged Marriage Miranda Neville They couldn t be different but there s one thing they agree onIn London after a two year exile, Lord Blakeney plans to cut a swathe through the bedchambers of the demimonde Marriage is not on his agenda, especially to an annoying chit like Minerva Montrose, with her superior attitude and a tendency to get into trouble And certainly the last man Minerva wants is BThey couldn t be different but there s one thing they agree onIn London after a two year exile, Lord Blakeney plans to cut a swathe through the bedchambers of the demimonde Marriage is not on his agenda, especially to an annoying chit like Minerva Montrose, with her superior attitude and a tendency to get into trouble And certainly the last man Minerva wants is Blake, a careless wastrel without a thought in his handsome head The heat and noise of her debutante ball give Minerva a migraine Surely a moment s rest could do no harm until Blake mistakes her for another lady, leaving Minerva s guests to catch them in a very compromising position To her horror, the scandal will force them to do the unthinkable marry Their mutual loathing blazes into unexpected passion but Blake remains distant, desperate to hide a shameful secret Minerva s never been a woman to take things lying down, and she ll let nothing stop her from winning his trust and his heart.
    Confessions from an Arranged Marriage Miranda Neville

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    1. Minerva Montrose had gone to lie down to alleviate her migraine never knowing that her life would forever be changed by the simple act She is flabbergasted to wake up to a man s head beneath her skirts and not just any man Oh no Only the most unreliable, most insufferable man in all of London, Lord Blakeney Realizing what must happen after they are discovered, the couple agrees to marry and attempt to make it look like a love match Ha The mutual loathing between Minerva and Blake is deep and sur [...]

    2. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date March 27, 2012Publisher HarperCollinsImprint AvonAuthor s Website mirandaneville My Source for This Book EdelweissPart of a Series Yes, Book 4, The Burgundy ClubSeries Best Read In Order Worked well as a standaloneSteam Level SteamyThis is my first Miranda Neville book, but it will not be my last Full of chemistry, a surprising amount of humor, and some very sweet romance, I loved the dynamic betwe [...]

    3. Really enjoyable match up a previously in earlier book unlikable hero and a beloved in previous books heroine I thought Blake and Minerva ended up being excellently well matched, though at the beginning I had my doubts Neville did a great job of explaining some of Blake s bad behavior And I appreciate that she isn t afraid to let her characters be real people with faults who grow and change as they go through life Loved it.

    4. Oh my goodness, this is the only book I have read that made me seriously want to throw it at something or stomp on it, I absolutely detest the heroine I mean I get it she s very clever and is very into politics, but seriously she s also portrayed at least to me as a self serving, manipulative, abrasive and thoroughly unlikable person I felt so bad for the hero when after 4 attempts I finally finished the book and read their so called HEA.I read this book due to its having a refreshingly dumb her [...]

    5. I am a bit sad to see the series concluded now that I have read the last and final book I have really enjoyed seeing the variety of sets of stories that have been put in place in this series.I found that the first half was alright, didn t exactly completely draw me into the story, but once I got about halfway, that is when it started to really pick up Despite the slower start, I definitely had fun with this one.Minerva has always had ambition and has a passion for the political arena She wants a [...]

    6. I really enjoyed Confessions From an Arranged Marriage, fourth in The Burgundy Club series by Miranda Neville I ve read book 3, but I suspect some of the characters in this story are from earlier books in the series Minerva Montrose is a young woman with political ambitions She hopes to make a match with a man of similar tastes, a man who will help carry out her ideas of reform The last man she has in mind is carefree dolt and ducal heir Lord Blakeney But when they are caught in a compromising p [...]

    7. Minerva s deepening respect for the man Blake is empowers him to become , and he is able when she needs him most to be commanding and powerful, every inch the duke with generations of dukes behind him Perhaps the greatest evidence of the changes in Blake is his acceptance of what he is and what he is not, a self acceptance tempered by his regret that he cannot be the man Minerva wants And Minerva s response to his self acceptance is a lovely reminder that these two have grown into two people who [...]

    8. This is one of those books where I liked the beginning a lot, but was pretty bored by the end, and almost forgot to write a review for It is also one of those books that I put down for a while, so that didn t help things, probably.Also it is a comprised marriage, not an arranged marriage.But the contents of it were fine Oh, there s the requisite view spoiler kidnapping hide spoiler at the end, but overall I liked the characters and how the relationship developed I like that it wasn t a past her [...]

    9. The first and the last books of this series were the best In between was okay, but not in the really liked it category I am overlooking Blake holding onto his secret until the last few pages of this book If I think about it, the secret was hovering around in the first book and came to a conclusion in the last book While I sympathize with Blake for holding it close, I think he could have shared it a little bit earlier in this book least to his wife No, I am not going to share the secret or what p [...]

    10. Really, really annoying heroine her sense of entitlement to her dream of becoming a great political hostess was completely over the top Has anyone, anywhere, met a 19 year old girl whose dream in life is to be a political hostess and power behind the throne The villain in the story was not consistently characterized, especially his final evil deed at the end, which was silly and seemed tacked on However, the hero was terrific and his approach to his problem seemed believable to me, but his final [...]

    11. LOVED this story about Blake and Miranda which sums up the Burgandy Club I believe What was most enjoyable was the development of both of their characters Such a lovely story and may read it again

    12. Minerva Montrose is going to shape England s destiny because reasons Arthur Blake Vanderlin is going to do nothing of the kind because secrets After a case of mistaken identity leaves to a marriage of necessity, they have to stumble through their shit together 1 This wast my favorite 2 Blake and Min are kind of assholes to one another for just a little too long At least internally Like, Minerva is just so derisive of Blake, even though he s doing the best he can and has shown a smattering of int [...]

    13. A standard Romanceville arranged marriage Not really.I love marriage in trouble romance stories And, I ve had a hankering for one Confessions from An Arranged Marriage hit the spot A lot of the time, this story reminded me of some of the older traditional romances, the ones before Mary Balogh, by such authors as Mira Stable, Rachelle Edwards, Margaret Sebastian, Iona Charles, Freda Michael, and Sandra Heath only this one had sex in it.What made me think of older romances was our hero, Blake He h [...]

    14. Miranda Neville has become one of my favorite historical romance authors with her sexy and unique Burgundy Club series I have thoroughly enjoyed her fun twists on romance cliches and how she makes classic plots her own That being said, I was a little hesitant about Confessions From An Arranged Marriage The hero, Lord Blakeney, has not been shown in the best light throughout the series especially in his treatment of his cousin in The Dangerous Viscount In my opinion, it takes a skilled writer to [...]

    15. Minerva is different than the regular young miss coming out to the ton She is beautiful and knows her manners, but instead of frivolity, her interests lie in politics Her dream is to marry a man with political aspirations and help him effect change But those hopes were dashed when Lord Blakeney confused her for another woman at a party As she slept off a migraine in the library, he drunkenly thought she was someone else and put his head up her dress Of course, that was the moment other people be [...]

    16. June Huh read the whole book thought something felt familiar discovered I d read another in this series The Amorous Education of Celia Seton I liked that book ok, definitely enjoyed this one and I don t recall Minerva or Blake in the other book at all guess I forget details than I thought Other reviews complained about this book being too political I disagree I hate politics, would run screaming from a book about historical politics but while politics definitely play a role here, it did not ta [...]

    17. The heroine, for someone who reads A LOT, she is stupid, annoying and very much a bitch On the other hand, I did found myself liking the hero though.The hero succeeded in making me feel compassionate for him because of how he felt about his lacking, his many insecurities on how he is going to take future responsibilities and his fear of being rejected or ridiculed for his inability was wonderfully portrayed.However, the arrogance of the heroine over her own vanity left little to be desired A sch [...]

    18. I felt like reading something a little different, so I took my chances with this one Miranda Neville clearly did a lot of research for the novel and there was a definite sense of realism in regard to the political context However, the pacing of the story was slow and the main characters felt inconsistent and bland.For once, I would like to read a story where the wife or husband isn t perfectly beautiful and love isn t immediately drawn out from hatred and indifference.

    19. Miranda Neville delivers an original and heartfelt rendition of the arranged marriage trope in CONFESSIONS FROM AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE, the fourth and final book in the Regency era Burgundy Club series This is now my favorite Miranda Neville novel As in all her novels, the hero and heroine in CONFESSIONS FROM AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE are complex and flawed, and their relationship is portrayed realistically than the genre s standard.The hero and heroine are the unearthly gorgeous and misunderstood Lor [...]

    20. Surveying the room, his glance came to rest on her His lips twisted into a derisive half smile and their eyes met in mutual displeasure He shoved his back away from the wall and ambled over to her Our dance, I believe, Miss Montrose He hadn t changed one bit Minerva felt a strong desire to slap his arrogant face Lord Blakeney, she said with the merest hint of a curtsey I believe our dance was over half an hour ago This one will do just as well Miss Minerva Montrose had a plan and it was a good o [...]

    21. Well, this book came as a surprise for me I never expected to like it so much i think the factor of making this a great read for me was the characters The plot was simple, there were hardly any drama or twists and it maybe a tad bit predictable But it was the characters that won me over The heroine is sweet and innocent and I love her passion for politics Knowing this gave me a dimensional view of her Unlike other heroines, she has substance other than being beautiful She has flaws, too but it m [...]

    22. Originally posted at PaperbackDolls.In all my years of reading historical romance, I ve never seen dyslexia addressed in any of them even though it probably existed then I was surprised to see it surface here, but it was presented in a sympathetic manner making the character even endearing.Lord Blakeney Blake is cursed with what we now know as dyslexia, but during that particular time in history, he s simply considered stupid It s hurtful to be ridiculed, but for a Duke s son it s even so How [...]

    23. I picked this up on a whim last week because it was new No, really 9 times out of ten the small library by my house has only old and well worn paperbacks and sometimes it s icky but I m glad I did because this book was good Minerva Montrose and Lord Blakeney have known each other since they were children, their family country homes are within 3 miles of each other Although with a ten year age difference and the fact that Blake will someday be a Duke, their paths haven t really crossed Until the [...]

    24. I m very surprised MN isn t as popular as some of my other favourite authors eg Tessa Dare or Maya Rodale She is really quite a brilliant writer of beautiful love stories that are funny and sweet I loved Min and Blake s loath to love story After reading Diana s story, I m sure most of the readers had nothing good to say about Blake but after discovering his secret and piecing together things that happened in the Dangerous Viscount, I felt sorry for all the hardships and wrongs that he had endure [...]

    25. Okay so I know I ve been on an HR spree and I ve read some really bad HR books since but this one takes the cake How could two people be so annoying The girl was a maniac Not even a workaholic a pathetic maniac and if the guy points it out of course there is nothing else to do but curse him and torture him with her vile words And of course the guys not dumb he s dyslexic but of course he can t tell anybody A six year old kid can t not tell his parents he has problem reading clearly And that make [...]

    26. Miranda Neville finally lost me with this novel Usually Arranged Marriages are a massive weakness of mine, along with the willfully intelligent female this is a one two punch that I adore but the biggest plothole in this novel to me is the fact that I can t fathom why on earth Minerva Montrose would fall in love with Blakeney A female with political ambitions who finds herself in a compromising position and married to a man who very intelligence she doubts this is all explained with dyslexia , w [...]

    27. An outstanding romance, a great plot, great characters The title is misleading, it s not my idea of an arranged marriage, it s like an accidental marriage Setup Lord Blakeney returns to London after a two year absence to enjoy himself, but his parents require his attendance at a come out ball for Minerva Montrose A delicate incidents occurs which requires marriage between Lord Blakeney and Minerva The bulk of the book is about what happens after their marriage, but I don t want to spoil the man [...]

    28. This was definitely my least favorite of the series I really can t say I particularly liked either the hero or the heroine I get that the heroine loved politics, but as someone that generally ignores them, the maneuverings didn t really interest me The hero seemed somewhat immature, despite everyone s claims that he d grown Or maybe I m just carrying over my dislike of him from The Dangerous Viscount Yes, yes, he has problems, he s insecure, whatever I just didn t like him much.So while the book [...]

    29. When Lord Blakeney accidently compromises Minerva Montrose, his cousin s sister in law, he knows they will have to wed Blake has a secret that he doesn t want anyone to know Especially Minerva who is very well read and loves politics He wants to raise horses They have to cut their honeymoon short as Blake s father is dying and he will be the Duke of Hampton As they deal with the changes in their life and fall in love, he tells her his secret It makes no difference to her I don t like plot spoile [...]

    30. The last few books I ve read have been unconventional romances This story is much conventional but it was still completely enjoyable This book shows that a well constructed story and well written characters can still surprise and delight, even in 2012 Blake s secret was fairly predictable almost a clich by this point in romance but the political setting was unusual, and the characters made the traditional story come alive Even the love scenes felt special, not just the same old same old One of [...]

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