Daughter of Ireland #2020

Daughter of Ireland Juilene Osborne-McKnight Daughter of Ireland I am the wind which breathes on the water I am the swell of the sea I am the light of the sun I am the point of the battle spear I am the God who gives fires to the mind Who announces the ages of the

  • Title: Daughter of Ireland
  • Author: Juilene Osborne-McKnight
  • ISBN: 9780765301277
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Daughter of Ireland Juilene Osborne-McKnight I am the wind which breathes on the water.I am the swell of the sea.I am the light of the sun.I am the point of the battle spear.I am the God who gives fires to the mind.Who announces the ages of the moon Who speaks to the setting of the sun I, only I.Aislinn ni Sorar, druid priestess of ancient Ireland, is a visionary Raised according to the ancient ways and seeking to uI am the wind which breathes on the water.I am the swell of the sea.I am the light of the sun.I am the point of the battle spear.I am the God who gives fires to the mind.Who announces the ages of the moon Who speaks to the setting of the sun I, only I.Aislinn ni Sorar, druid priestess of ancient Ireland, is a visionary Raised according to the ancient ways and seeking to use her gifts to keep the old magic strong, she has the power to part the mists of time and see events that might shape a nation But Aislinn s own past is shrouded in mystery, and her quest to discover that past will bring her pain, as well as true love, and will set in motion a chain of events that will alter both her own future and that of her beloved Ireland.For there is a new spirit upon the land whose presence heralds a rendering and a remaking of this world His way had been foretold long ago and threatens to change everything And Aislinn is at the heart of that change Will she give up everything that she loves to help her people find the true God, or will she turn to the dark forces that threaten to keep the old ways at any cost Daughter of Ireland continues Juilene Osborne McKnight s exploration of Irish history, combining fine historical research with skillful storytelling Her focus this time is none other than Cormac mac Art, ancient and venerated King of Ireland, and the path the Irish people follow to find the one true God Osborne McKnight has crafted an engaging young heroine who chronicles both Celtic mythology and early pagan Christian theology through her travels, and re creates a world whose conflicts over power, religion, and law are as immediate and far reaching as those same conflicts in our own time.
    Daughter of Ireland Juilene Osborne-McKnight

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      472 Juilene Osborne-McKnight
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    One thought on “Daughter of Ireland”

    1. As a lover of all things Irish and Scottish, I have to adore this book it has druids, a druid priestess who is hot, dashing warriors with swords, mystical nature scenes, betrayal, and a great plotwhat is not to love

    2. A time before Christianity came to Ireland, Celts and Druids ruled freely I absolutely loved this book it made me feel like I was there Being a Druid myself It was very helpful with the glossaries since Gaelic is a complex language

    3. I very rarely like using the phrase not worth the paper it s printed on but this unfortunately falls on one of those rare occasions I really cannot get over just how awful this book was This is basically a cheesy romance novel masquerading as historical fiction fantasy novel How anyone took this seriously enough to publish is just beyond me I picked up this book at a book fair and bought it on a whim with a friend of mine thinking that it was going to be a sort of Irish historical fiction versio [...]

    4. I admit to having a deep bias in favor of anyone who enjoys writing about the ancient Celts and has the courage to try to resurrect a world so different from ours I enjoyed Ms Osborne McKnight s earlier novel I am Ireland , as a folklorist, I appreciate her scholarship and her weaving of Irish mythology into a human story In Daughter of Ireland , the author focuses on the coming of Christianity to Ireland and creates a love story centering around two conflicting faiths, Druidry Christianity, the [...]

    5. I had a very hard time getting into this book The books that I enjoy immensely I find myself feeling like I m INSIDE the world, experiencing the world right beside the characters The whole time I was reading this book, I very much felt like and outsider looking in I kept hoping that there would be a point in the book where it would open up and I would find myself plunging deep into the fabric of this world created by Osborne McKnight It just didn t happen for me I didn t feel invested or attache [...]

    6. With a book like this it seems wrong to rate it so soon after finishing it, as I am still processing parts of it It s possible to give this a surface read, I suppose, but Osborne McKnight does a good job expressing the minds and hearts of a people on the cusp of Christianity This tale seems true to the spirit of ancient Ireland, with the societal, political and religious structures I am contemplating the way the spiritual is expressed and understood by a people who had a taboo against the writte [...]

    7. In Daughter of Ireland a druid priestess of ancient Ireland, Aislinn Ni Sorar, is running from evil forces that threaten to hurt her and her family Along the way she takes a little girl under her wing and falls in love Aislinn s story involves some Celtic mythology, which was interesting, and I enjoyed the book The only thing that bothered me was the reasoning behind the actions of the evil druid, Banbh He has all these elaborate plots to hurt her when it would have been a lot simpler to just ki [...]

    8. As cheesy as this book was, I have to admit I liked it It wasn t great by any means, but it s better than other things I ve read I liked how the pieces of the puzzle came together and how in the end, the main character confronted her fear Still, the story just kind of carried on forever I thought the mix of the legend of Finn MacCool with the onset of Christianity in Ireland was very creative.

    9. To continue my current readings on IrelandWhere Confessions of a Pagan Nun focused on gritty reality, this novel romanticizes the glories of Ireland s golden age under Cormac Mac Art in a sweeping tale of love, loyalty, betrayal, fear, belief, and forgiveness I loved the language, both the style in which it was written and the incorporation of irish words, and found myself reading slowly just to savor them It is no surpirse the author was a storyteller before she became a writer.

    10. The beginning to middle of the book started out in fantasy with much written about Druidism and the Celts Druidism was the main religion of the Celts of the time.Somewhere in the middle there was a huge trainwreck of misplaced history and the Druids became Christians, and the Druid law was changed ect.I felt the book should have picked a religion in the beginning and stuck with it, either ancient Druidism or Christianity but not try to work both religions in the same timeframe.

    11. This sounds silly, but at times I felt it was a Harry Potter for adults not really magic stuff, but people using their powers for good or evild exciting real characters who fight for what they believe and with compassion, love, hate and goodness towards each other I enjoyed it

    12. I read and enjoyed the author s first book, I Am of Irelaunde but I didn t like this one nearly as much It was too much of a romance, and a cheesy romance at that I loved the setting of the story and the Irish history and myth included in the novel, but I was disappointed in the book.

    13. Not an unpleasant read Engaging characters, except for the protagonist s occasional emotional outbursts The bad Druids were portrayed somewhat flat Interesting perspective on the introduction of Christianity to Ireland.

    14. I am giving this only 2 stars because the story seemed lacking or plain in most parts, however the celtic druid research was accurate as far as what most scholars know.

    15. Just could not get into the voice of this one at all Tried as it s an era setting I love, but when you re forcing yourself to re read lines you know there s a problem.

    16. This is a wonderful read that has romance and suspense The scenic descriptions made me want to visit Ireland all the

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