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Gangster Lorenzo Carcaterra Gangster Born in the midst of tragedy and raised in the shadow of a shocking secret young Angelo Vestieri chooses to flee both his past and his father to seek a second family the criminals who preside over ea

  • Title: Gangster
  • Author: Lorenzo Carcaterra
  • ISBN: 9780345425294
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gangster Lorenzo Carcaterra Born in the midst of tragedy and raised in the shadow of a shocking secret, young Angelo Vestieri chooses to flee both his past and his father to seek a second family the criminals who preside over early twentieth century New York In his bloody rise from soldier to mob boss, he encounters ever barbaric betrayals, yet comes to understand the meaning of loyalty AsBorn in the midst of tragedy and raised in the shadow of a shocking secret, young Angelo Vestieri chooses to flee both his past and his father to seek a second family the criminals who preside over early twentieth century New York In his bloody rise from soldier to mob boss, he encounters ever barbaric betrayals, yet comes to understand the meaning of loyalty As the years pass, as enemies are made and defeated, as wars are fought and won, the old don meets an abandoned boy who needs a parent as much as protection By taking Gabe under his wing and teaching him everything he knows, Angelo Vestieri will learn, in the winter of his life, which is greater his love for the boy he cherishes, or his need to be a gangster and to live by the savage rules he helped create.
    Gangster Lorenzo Carcaterra

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      288 Lorenzo Carcaterra
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    One thought on “Gangster”

    1. Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.Wow This book is a rollercoaster read It blew my mind Lorenzo Carcaterra s Gangster is a fascinating glimpse into the lives of Angelo, Pudge, Ida, Gabe, Angus, Mary, Isabella, Nico and others.Gangster carries the story both backward and forward in time The novel follows the life of Angelo Vestieri, the powerful New York City mob boss It is told from the perspective of two people closest to him Gabe, a young orphan he took under his wing and Mary, [...]

    2. Interesting my first street life book that is not an urban read, this one involves the mob Italians, Irish, straight old school shoot em up gangster lifeOkay so the story begins with Angelo Vesteiri, an old legendary mob boss dying with the two closest people to him are sitting around and telling the amazing story of his life I apologize up front as there is so much going on in this book it is hard to write it down specifically Okay so beginning with his tumultous birth and voyage to America Ang [...]

    3. Loved the book.I had so many quotes that I liked, guess I love this genre Angelo and Pudge are like ice and fire Dangerous and effective They became the kings of the New York underworld I expected Pudge to go down early in the start of the book but didn t, I think that was good for the book But, I just have to say this, let s face it, it was a bit unbelievable for them to be untouchable for so long.When Gabe came into their lives it was unexpected I thought they helped him because they pittied h [...]

    4. It was ok, if a bit clich d and romanticised The writer has obviously seen Sergio Leone s Once Upon A Time In America , as the book has the same kind of feel to it There are also parallels to The Godfather early on, which I won t reveal, as they are spoilers.Much as I love gangster books, it s probably better sticking to the biographies of the real guys like Luciano and Meyer Even when the author makes shit up, it still has the ring of truth, because they were real people.

    5. Wow Where do I begin I have to honestly say that this was my first gangster MAFIA style book I was very pleased with the story The story kept me interested until the last page The book was fun and easy to read I devoured it quickly For a few hundred pages I got to be in the minds of Angelo, Pudge, Nico, Ida the Goose, Gabe and others I got to be a gangster and it was sometimes pleasant and sometimes not comfortable at all, but it was fun to say the least.

    6. Angelo Vestieri is the coldest ganster I know He is colder than all other gansters I have read about or saw in movies or tv shows I mean he is as ruthless and vicious as he is efective and intelligent Angelo Vestieri was born surrounded by death, smoke and fire And he died surrounded by posibly the last two people alive that could love a man like him With what started with stories about old gangster and the how and why the mafia was originally formed, Angelo Vestieri was raised to become a man o [...]

    7. Haven t finished it yet, but so far I really like it Seriously reminds me to be grateful that I m not in that kind of situation or that anyone that I know is not experiencing it aswell Lorenzo open s up a whole new world in this book 2 08 2012Lol, I finished this book a few months ago but have completely forgotten to finish off my review Lorenzo Carcaterra is such a great author Honestly, I loved the darkness that this book had, mixed in with wise teachings that can be applied to daily living I [...]

    8. Though it s been awhile since I read this book, it was good enough to have a lasting imprint in my memory This book was awesome It was one of my first urban fiction genre books, but I enjoyed it alot From my memory, the author had a great way of making you turn the pages But, I think his greatest mark was the ability to make characters you fell in love with I remember crying and laughing as I read because the characters go through so much I would definitely recommend this book if anyone is cravi [...]

    9. Without question one of the best books I ever read Clearly the title tells the subject so there is no need for me to blather on about the story The to my view beats the Godfather by far and why there has not been a movie or tv miniseries made based on this book is beyond me I could not put it down I gave a copy to my 90 yr old father and he read it in two days, also loved it If you don t give this a try you are simply nuts.

    10. Great book with a shocking beginning and an even surprising twist at the end Lorenzo Carcaterra is a gifted storyteller His vivid descriptions of people, places, and events transport the reader into the dark underworld of the early to mid twentieth century New York mafia His characters are complex, and at once despicable and worthy of admiration I ll be adding this author to my list of favorites.

    11. Not quite finished yet but I don t expect it will get any better Finished with Mr Carcaterra for now I really liked his book Apaches A Novel of Suspense, his follow on to that Chasers was just ok Gangster feels like an uninspired version of The Godfather The book is told in a series of flashbacks I never had a sense of suspense or felt a connection to the players.

    12. By far my favorite Carcaterra book and I have them all I will say Street Boys is a very close second.I loved the characters, Angelo and Pudge, from the second they were introduced in the book Part of the storyline Gabe is a tad bit predictable, but it didn t take away from the story at all In fact, knowing Gabe s role before he did made it enjoyable, because it allowed me as a reader to see how his life had been er managed without his knowing.Entirely enjoyable, even so because it deals with a [...]

    13. As an avid Godfather fan, probably my favorite book I ve ever read, I had high hopes for this book The first word that comes to my mind is boredom I enjoyed this book for probably 10 15 pages, other than that the plot line is frankly boring Its all about nonsense violence I like a good set up hit, as much as the next Organized Crime junky likes, but the killing I thought was overplayed The storyline never gripped me, so Godfather fans don t get your hopes up Its worth a read if your desperate, b [...]

    14. I ll probably regret this in a few hours when I have to wake up, but I couldn t put this book down an unbelievable update on The Godfather with a layered gangster story that spans generations An inner conflict plagues our narrator, but the surprise at the end left me speechless Probably the 2nd best gangster book I ve ever read, just behindyou guessed itMario Puzo s The Godfather Highly recommended.

    15. A coming of age story about life in the gangster lifestyle The characters are well developed and the writing is excellent Gangster follows three generations of people, a father who flees Italy to protect his unborn child from the Italian gangsters, a son who is drawn to the gangster lifestyle in America, and an orphan who is raised and developed to take over for one of the most powerful gangsters in the world Both calm and brutal this book is an excellent read.

    16. By far one of the best gangster books I have ever read Lorenzo Carcaterra immerses the reader into his world, his New York street scene and makes it breath The narrative is a sprawling epic tale across decades that touches upon the hallmarks of all great gangster stories honor, power, legacy An excellent read that I cannot recommend enough.

    17. One of my favorite novels I ve read it 6 times Each time has kept my attention through the entirety of the novel and has even managed to pull a few tears out Carcaterra pulls the reader into each of his main characters and causes you to feel for each character especially the main character and his faithful sidekick.

    18. This a very chilling book that I could not put down despite my other responsibilities in life From the very first chapter I knew I was hooked An insight inside a reserved, introverted type of gangster puts another spin on crime storytelling The character progressions builds a tacit rapport between the reader and the the characters Highly recommended piece of fiction.

    19. Wasn t sure what to expect when I started to read it It started out slow for me couldn t really get into it Shortly thereafter, I was hooked Great book Look forward to reading by this author

    20. Writing a book about gangsters is always a difficult task The author did a good enough job, yet some of the cliches he used have made it just a fine read but not a great one.He tried to emulate Mario Puzo but was still nowhere near that master class.

    21. The story of life, love darkest fears of real gangsters.Action packed thrilling even gruesome at times interspersed with tender heartwarming moments The violent start the amazing twists and the astounding ending make this a masterpiece I read The God father in my late teens and was totally hooked on it This is my first Lorenzo Carcaterra book and I will certainly add it to my list of favorites Copying blurb to remember.Born in the midst of tragedy and raised in the shadow of a shocking secret, y [...]

    22. Looking for a crime novel to read on holidays I was drawn to this by some online reviews and the review comments on the book itself as well as the fact the author wrote Sleepers One of the tag lines on the book says it reads like a Scorsese script perhaps a script Scorsese wrote when he was 7 Very disappointing Generally cliched, the dialog was wooden and the plot was one long, slow, illogical slog, with a telegraphed ending The characters had no depth and so many things were just because The re [...]

    23. Gangster is an epic saga of violence and destiny that weaves through the life of Angelo Vestieri as he goes from soldier to mob boss This novel has everything that you can ask for in a gangster novel friendship, betrayal, love, and brutal violence In the twilight of his life Vestieri takes in an orphan boy, who is very reminiscent of himself as a youth This makes Vestieri question his path in life and reshapes the way he thinks This is well written and well crafted with memorable characters.In m [...]

    24. My first book of the crime genre I have to say, this was a gripping read Carcaterra had me rooting for all his protagonists antiheroes, and even got me into the antagonists a bit While overly romantic at times, I still enjoyed the writing style I d love to pick up another one of his books someday.

    25. Could not put this book down Excellent character portrayal with a twist ending My second book by author Will read all of authors books an intetesting sIce of history With great story lines that you can get lost in Best since Mario Puzo Godfather and like books

    26. This book is an ABSOLUTE CLASSIC If you are fan of the Gangster genre, you will not be disappointed Highly Recommended.

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