The Summer I Lost It #2020

The Summer I Lost It Natalie Kath The Summer I Lost It Kat is just like other fourteen year old girls Except that this summer she s taking charge of her life and finally losing weight But can she do it

  • Title: The Summer I Lost It
  • Author: Natalie Kath
  • ISBN: 9781434233165
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Summer I Lost It Natalie Kath Kat is just like other fourteen year old girls Except that this summer, she s taking charge of her life and finally losing weight But can she do it
    The Summer I Lost It Natalie Kath

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      494 Natalie Kath
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    One thought on “The Summer I Lost It”

    1. Even though I was aware that The Summer I Lost It was aimed at a slightly younger age range, as the protagonist was 14, I still thought it would be far better than it was in reality The premise seemed interesting but the book didn t even match the synopsis In the synopsis it said this summer, she s spending four weeks at a Health Club otherwise known as fat camp For some reason though she doesn t even go She just goes to the gym a few times and loses weight by having a personal trainer.There was [...]

    2. The Summer I Lost It is a sweet gem of a novel, with a funny, optimistic protagonist and a strong message that I think will resonate with middle grade readers It s not often that you see this kind of novel in middle grade YA fiction, and considering that childhood obesity is a contemporary issue of mounting concern, it was refreshing to see Kath s approach to it She s done her research well, not only crafting the struggle of a young woman who wants to lose the weight, but also touching base with [...]

    3. In The Summer I Lost It, Kat is a young girl who is determined to lose weight during the summer before her freshman year at high school She is tired of being the girl with the pretty face but unattractive body Her goal is to lose weight so that she can feel comfortable in participating in things her friends do, like swimming in a bathing suit, going out to dances, and having a boyfriend With the support of family and a journal to document her journey Kat embarks on a summer weight loss plan.Alth [...]

    4. This is a difficult one to review because, athough I enjoyed it and found it inspiring, I wonder if it s for everyone I suppose there is a part of me which questioned whether the lucky slim girls of the world would really care to read this The weight obsessed like me would like it though I found I could identify with Kat She has body issues that I think a lot of YAs and women could identify with She never feels pretty, her weight is slowly becoming her life, she feels that in being a few lbs ove [...]

    5. The Summer I Lost It is a short novel for tweens and young teens written in the format of a weight loss diary The author of the diary is a teenage girl named Kat, who wants two things to lose weight and to have a boyfriend After her parents deny her request to go to Fat Camp for the summer, Kat figures out how to tackle her weight problem on her own and joins a gym Her parents are pleased to see her take the initiative, so they sweeten the deal with the promise of a vacation once Kat loses fifte [...]

    6. The Short of ItKat is losing weight this summer.The Long of It Kat is just like other fourteen year old girls Except this summer, she s spending four weeks at a Health Camp otherwise known as fat camp Can she lose the weight she needs to be able to do the things everyone else does Or will she let her body control her The above is what was written on Net Galley Unfortunately, that summary is not ENTIRELY truthful The story IS about Kat and her desire to lose weight, but her parents don t send he [...]

    7. The Summer I Lost It was a quick and easy read, something you can just lounge around during the summer and read with a smile on your face It simply deals with a young teenage girl, Kat, who is self conflicted about her weight and how this affects how people see her She wants what today every teenage dreams of, clich as it is, it s something that will make her feel fulfilled She wants to be skinny, pretty, and have a boyfriend She believes that the way to achieve this is to lose weight and so beg [...]

    8. The clever title might entice readers into thinking that the main character has lost something important possibly her marbles, her virginity but in this case, the title refers to the losing of weight Fourteen year old Kat needs to lose weight, and when her parents can t afford to send her to an expensive fat farm in the summer, she devises her own weight loss plan with the help of some experts Now part of the story is encouraging since Kat decides to improve herself and sets attainable goals for [...]

    9. Originaly posted at Magical Books Even though this book dealt with a pretty heavy subject, weightloss, I think it was made into a lighter read and the issue was handled well The novel tells the story of a young girl named Kat She s overweight, and when her parents tell har that thay can t afford sending her to fat camp, she decides to loose weight by herself You get to follow her journey through short diary entries During one summer she get s to deal with hard excercise, calorie counting and her [...]

    10. Originally Posted at iliveforreading 2 This Review is based on an ARC Advanced Reader s Copy The final text cover may be different The Summer I Lost It was really quick to read and only took me around half an hour to read It s an easy read, so it goes pretty fast It s like a tip book, on how teens can kinda lose weight through the story of Kat and her desperate attempt to lose a bunch of pounds I gotta tell you, this might actually inspire me to walk out I m such a lazy person I swear I could [...]

    11. I picked up this book Thank You NetGalley and Stone Arch Books expecting a middle grade book about fat camp I was excited for that prospect Unfortunately There is no fat camp the synopsis is very misleading And I would still love a book to match this synopsis None the less This is a pretty good quick read.It is written in a diary format, by Kat a 14 year old fat girl The idea is great, she s working hard and losing weight She has parents who are concerned that she is doing it right, she has a nu [...]

    12. This book is about a girl named Kat She is overweight and when she goes to her doctor, he says that she needs to loose 15 pounds to get out of the Obese category So she plans to go to a fat camp where she can lose weight But her parents don t let her because it is way too expensive Then she goes to the gym to lose weight While she is there, she meets a cute boy named Connor and they fall in love After loosing all the weight, her parents than take her to a water park to celebrate what she has ach [...]

    13. The book The Summer I Lost It was about a girl named Kat she spend her summer losing weight but the question was could she do it She did it because her parents told her if she lost 15 pounds she could go to somewhere for summer vacation Kat wanted to go to fat camp but her parents wouldn t let her because it costs to much money She wanted to go there because her aunt went there and her crush had a girlfriend that was skinny and she wanted him to like her back so when she went to her aunts gym sh [...]

    14. I could really relate to this story The Summer I lost it Being not just fat but in the category of obese is really hard to subjugate, especially if you want to do things you can t do because of your situation I have a classmate with this kind of situation, kids tried to make fun of her, people stared at her like she s some kind of a specimen and not a human being, and it s really bothering me and sometimes annoying Reading this book is really a wake up call for everyone who s in this same situat [...]

    15. Recommended for gr 4 8 The narrator is 14 and has a crush on a boy, but the reading level is low ish 4.1 and will appeal to younger readers also Kat spends the summer working on getting healthy by exercising and watching what she eats She is starting high school in the fall and doesn t want to be obese any Quick read since the book is written in journal form As the story progresses, Kat meets a boy at the gym not the one she had a crush on and goes on her first date The emphasis is on becoming [...]

    16. Kat is fourteen and is tired of being fat She wants this to be the summer that she really loses it When her parents turn down her idea of fat camp, she decides to do her own health camp She joins a gym and starts seeing a nutritionist The Summer I Lost it tells the story of her summer as she gets healthier and starts losing the weight To sweeten things even , she might just find the other thing she really wants a boyfriend While a fictional story, the book could be helpful to other girls in the [...]

    17. Cute, quick read about a 14 year old girl who decides to lose weight during her summer vacation Told through her journal, Kat joins a gym, changes the way she eats, and even finds a boyfriend who likes her for who she is Kat shares tips to be healthier and even some favorite recipes I particularly enjoyed how Kat motivated herself to lose weight, not depending on others to help her though her family were supportive of her efforts I also enjoyed how Kat s self esteem improved as she met her weigh [...]

    18. Kat, 14, is finally determined to take off some weight and get healthy The Summer I Lost It chronicles in diary form, the ups and downs of a vision towards a healthy lifestyle Kat is quite typical of teenage girlse wants to be popular, have a boyfriend, and look good in clothes But, will being trim be enough to get all these things she wants, and is it the be all end all A simplified look at a young girl s struggle with self esteem, appearance, and teenage issues.

    19. Quick, lite read In this book, the girl loses weight over the summer and finds romance Not incredibly well written, but young teens and tweens will like it Great list of recipes in the back, and tips for exercising and motivation I enjoyed it

    20. The girl was very determined and she reallly beleived in herself I was so proud of her at the end This is a very good book because it is actually realistic Everyone goes through life with challenges Every challenge tht you face, you really have to conquer, and Kat really showes that.

    21. Pretty much a dieting or should I say, life style change for middle schoolers.Some of it was cheesy I realize I wanted to feel good about myself for me, not for a guy and other parts wereader motivating

    22. This book was sort of boring and short It seemed like I was reading the same sentence over and over And this theme about losing weight and the happily ever after is done to death.

    23. The story was good but I think it was cut short I wanted from it but the lesson that I learned from Kate was very useful and helpful, especially for girls with low confidence.

    24. I m processing it still Not that it was at all a difficult book, I m deciding if I liked its message or not.

    25. There was a point to the book and it just wasn t very good It is kind of a one time read though, so I would not read it again.

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