What if Everything Had Legs? #2020

What if Everything Had Legs? Scott Menchin What if Everything Had Legs From the creator of TAKING A BATH WITH THE DOG comes a fanciful new heroine and a wry look at a world where objects are footloose and fancy free

  • Title: What if Everything Had Legs?
  • Author: Scott Menchin
  • ISBN: 9780763642204
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What if Everything Had Legs? Scott Menchin From the creator of TAKING A BATH WITH THE DOG comes a fanciful new heroine and a wry look at a world where objects are footloose and fancy free.
    What if Everything Had Legs? Scott Menchin

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      394 Scott Menchin
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    One thought on “What if Everything Had Legs?”

    1. Why does this need an app It doesn t.And it s not necessarily Menchin s doing But it s losing a star because of whatever genius failed to get the point of this book let a child s imagination run free of plug ins and they can do just fine, thank you very much.Perhaps the app allows you to make your own new combos of picture photos to add legs to familiar objects But you could do as Menchin did with paper and create some on your own Far interesting

    2. Silly and lots of fun Emmett two and a half particularly loved this one and asked for it over and over again The pictures really sparked the imaginations of all of my kids They started saying things like, What if the piano started walking away because it already has two legs Etc etc

    3. It reads quickly Words are easy, story is easy, and illustrations are straightforward But I can see the appeal to children A little girl wonders aloud what it would be like if everything had legs.

    4. This book allows children to think about different objects having legs and what the world would be like.I enjoyed this book because I believe it can open the minds of children and get them thinking about different situations I like any book that leads to thinking outside the box for children because many questions come from thinking outside the box It would be a fun conversation to have with the children to see what they wish could have legs and why they wish that way This story would be a good [...]

    5. A girl is too tired to walk home with her mother and wishes her house had legs so it could walk to them That starts the two imagining all sorts of things that might happen if everyday objects had legs.Since the illustrations are a combination of photographs and drawings, this would be great inspiration for a children s art project Cut pictures out of magazines and then have kids draw legs on them.

    6. preS gr2The kids really really enjoyed the What if aspect of this book and laughed Reminds me of Sarah Perry s If book The last question what if everything had arms made them laugh too The story is ok Kind of like a one joke book The artwork is interesting photograph and comic lines, but it s not my favorite.

    7. A mom tries to distract her young daughter from a long walk ahead by imagining all sorts of things with legs The illustrations are adorable It would work well as a seed book for an art or story writing activity with younger students Add legs to a cut out picture from a magazine, and tell what happens.

    8. I really wanted to love this book, but I will settle for liking it After two pages I was so in love with it, that I think I set myself up to be let down, and I was a little bit Not sure if this makes any sense.

    9. This is a cute book The illustrations are interesting in composition, colors and medium I tend to like mixed media illustrations such as those in this book The words are simple, but thought provoking.

    10. Feeling too tired to walk the rest of the way home, a little girl wonders why the house cannot have legs to come to her and her mother, then imagines what else would change if everything had legs.I love the illustrations.

    11. This is a strange, but fun story about a mother and daughter playing a game of what if The illustrations are a whimsical mix of colorful cartoonish drawings and photographs and the idea of inanimate objects with legs is very humorous We enjoyed reading this story together.

    12. I love silly books like this one I d easily give it 4 stars for the idea alone if the art was a few notches higher.

    13. I used this book for a L is for Story Time with little success.The premise is silly but there s not much of a narrative to it.

    14. I couldn t decide between a 3 star of 4 star rating but I went high for wackiness I liked the odd assortment of legs attached to the random inanimate objects Really wacky and creative.

    15. There are some great visuals in this book, but the logic isn t consistent In the world where everything has legs, there s still plenty of stuff that doesn t have legs.

    16. This picture book is perfect for any child that likes to take a hypothetical situation and let it run wild in their imaginations

    17. This book sparked some FUN discussion on what if everything really did have legs My kids got pretty creative.

    18. The storytime kids liked the silly illustrations where the little girl is imagining the different things with legs.

    19. This was definitely an original style Felt a bitContemporary My 4 year old son really enjoyed it and thought it was silly He especially enjoyed the ending when it switched to arms

    20. A little girl, tired during her walk home, imagines if her house had legs and could walk to her Funny visions of objects with legs ensues Funny and simply delivered.

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