A Picture Book of Rosa Parks #2020

A Picture Book of Rosa Parks David A. Adler Robert Casilla A Picture Book of Rosa Parks Her refusal to give up her seat on a bus helped establish the civil rights movement

  • Title: A Picture Book of Rosa Parks
  • Author: David A. Adler Robert Casilla
  • ISBN: 9780823411771
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Picture Book of Rosa Parks David A. Adler Robert Casilla Her refusal to give up her seat on a bus helped establish the civil rights movement.
    A Picture Book of Rosa Parks David A. Adler Robert Casilla

    • UNLIMITED BOOK ½ A Picture Book of Rosa Parks - by David A. Adler Robert Casilla
      174 David A. Adler Robert Casilla
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    One thought on “A Picture Book of Rosa Parks”

    1. This is a biography about Rosa Parks This book is intended for the readers ofthe primary and intermediate age groups.This book is very important as it teaches children about how Rosa Parks started the Civil Rights Movement to end Segragation Rosa Parks is best known for failing to give up her seat on the bus to a white person and got assested for it Rosa Parks won many awards including the spingarn medal and the presidential medal of freedom The pictures are colorful and seem as if the artist dr [...]

    2. This book is a biography of Rosa Park, the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement This book is just as beautiful as the Martin Luther King, Jr book, if not so The artist for the two books is the same There are lots of good facts about Rosa Parks in here I liked this book I never really knew a lot about Rosa Parks, except that she refused to give up her seat on a bus I know much about her, now The illustrations in this book are simply beautiful The pages with the white and black water fountains, a [...]

    3. This book tells readers the life of Rosa Parks who is a civil rights activist who grew up under the father who is African American activist, Raymond Parks This book has lots of similarities with the book, the Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr as these are written by the same author with the common topic of civil rights movement and racism In addition, this book is helpful to be used as an informational text when teaching segregation to children learners as it provides detailed information a [...]

    4. Using both text and illustration, the author walks readers through the life of Rosa Parks He describes what life was like for people during Parks time The beautifully drawn illustrations help to move along the story The story describes the racial tensions and inequalities among black and white people at the time, leading up to Parks protest on the bus It also describes her life after the protest and the lasting effect she had on Civil Rights.

    5. I enjoyed this book I normally hate biographies but this one was different I m not sure what made it that way

    6. This book is about Rosa Parks and her impact in the civil rights movement She refused to give up her seat to a white individual and got in serious trouble for it.I liked this book because it was historically accurate and gave me insight into her life.I would introduce this book to both my students and future children This is important when talking about discrimination and the civil rights movement.

    7. A Picture Book of Rosa Parks Picture Book Biographies Picture Book Biography by David A Adler a great comparison for the Rosa Parks lessons, Helps establish the events, but also shows some of the difficulties It expresses the differences.

    8. This is a great book for children who are old enough to understand it But I would say that around 2nd or 3rd grade level would be good Depending on when you want to start teaching your children about racism When you know they can understand racism, hatred, etc and not have it freak them out too much if at all I m putting it this way because I know all children have to come into things when the individual child can handle it It was well written and the pictures were amazingly drawn Rosa s likenes [...]

    9. This book is about Rosa Parks and her life growing up during the time where African Americans were treated unfairly This book goes into detail of her life and how she was an activist along with her husband to fight for equality Rosa s biggest accomplishment was the refusal of giving up her seat on the bus, which many feel was the beginning of the civil rights movement I love hearing the story of Rosa Parks and how involved she was in trying to gain equal rights for African Americans This book di [...]

    10. This book is great for teaching about the civil rights movement This book opens up discussion about how other races were treated different back in the day and how things have changed so much It is important for children to learn about the history of other races because they need to know that other people grew up differently and had hard times with things that may seem easy or obvious to them Adler did a great job at taking an issue and making it an appropriate learning experience for children Th [...]

    11. Interest Level Grades 3 5Grade level Equivalent 5.1Lexile Measure 880LThis book is about the life of Rosa Parks and her childhood thru adulthood Rosa Parks used to work in the cotton fields when she was a young girl and later learned how to read and write She was an advocate for the Civil Rights Movement and Equality for Everyone This is a good biography for children to read, especially during African American month Also, this can be read as an introduction to a unit that deals with the Civil Ri [...]

    12. Follow the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement on her quest to end inequality in the United States This illustrated retelling of Rosa Parks s life describes her childhood, education, her marriage, and then her rise to prominence through her work during the Civil Rights Movement Most famously, she refused to give the bus seat she paid for to a white passenger who had come on when the bus was full This book is a good introduction to the life of Rosa Parks and also to the Civil Rights Movement.

    13. This picture book comes with GREAT illustrations that depict the timeframe THe best part about this picture book is that it is accompanied by enough text to use in an intermediate grade 3 classroom Besides reading Rosa by Nikki G I have never seen such fantastic illustrations to accompany a text This is a great read that gives children who need to understand that time period a glimpse into it.

    14. Great biographical book about Rosa Parks The series of David Adler s picture book biography s are wonderful for lower elementary readers Wonderful access features such as the author s note, timeline, sources, and further reading Facts presented in chronological order Great illustration text relationship All can be very benefical to readers in motivating their interest and making learning meaningful.

    15. This book was a great, short, and simple depiction of who Rosa Parks was and why she is so important to our history The pictures are very nice, tying right along with what is being said I think these sorts of books are great, especially when introducing children to someone for the first time I would recommend this book to K 3rd grade students.

    16. This is a great picture book that gives a lot of dates This book could help students if they had to do a research paper of Rosa Parks It would give them enough details and specifics to help them write the paper.There is an authors note in the back of the book, as well as a list important dates There is also a biography of the author and a biography of the illustrator.

    17. I love the way this book describes some controversial issues that occur during the civil movements This book will help students to understand how African American were segregated in the past The book has amazing illustration that would help young students to have a better understanding of Rosa Park s life.

    18. A Picture Book of Rosa Parks has some contoversial issues that are addressed in this book The two issues in this book are slavery and the Klu Klux Klan These issues are important for children to learn about because it is part of our history A transitional reader would enjoy this book The pictures in this book confirm the meaning of the written words.

    19. David Adler s picture book biographies are perfect for young readers Each book includes an informative easy to follow story line, additional authors note and a time line This edition on Rosa Parks would be perfect for any elementary students learning about the Civil Rights Movement or just for a fun educational read.

    20. Any book about Rosa Parks will garner my attention She was such an incredible woman and a force to be reckoned with as well she should have been Pivotal in history and changing it for the better this book begs to be read.Written by David A Adler, illustrated by Robert Casilla Published by Holiday House mustread

    21. I really enjoyed reading this book I think that it would be great to read to young children The story is short and to the point and the pictures make it interesting and easy to understand This is a non fiction book that discusses Rosa park s life and the impact she made on racial segregation.

    22. This is a good history lesson in a book that is written in a way even young children can understand This biography of Rosa Park s life highlights her triumphs and dedication to the civil rights movement.

    23. This was very good and easy for my third grader to understand, just out of date, needing to include info on death.

    24. I love this book With something as significant as this that happened in history I love all book about it It s a great book to show children.

    25. This book is great for students who are beginning to learn about significant American People It depicts an important person who did amazing things, but understanding in picture version.

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