Without Offense: The Art of Giving and Receiving Criticism #2020

Without Offense: The Art of Giving and Receiving Criticism John Lewis Lund Without Offense The Art of Giving and Receiving Criticism Without offense

  • Title: Without Offense: The Art of Giving and Receiving Criticism
  • Author: John Lewis Lund
  • ISBN: 9781591566083
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Without Offense: The Art of Giving and Receiving Criticism John Lewis Lund Without offense
    Without Offense: The Art of Giving and Receiving Criticism John Lewis Lund

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      John Lewis Lund

    One thought on “Without Offense: The Art of Giving and Receiving Criticism”

    1. This book was life changing for me, and a must read for anyone trying to be like Christ, and be their best and highest self From the middle on, I highlighted on nearly every page I had never heard of the concepts of both criticizing and receiving criticism in the Lord s way It will take a lot of practice for me, but will be worth it I also loved all of the practical application especially at the end, and particularly about dealing with toxic personalities.I couldn t possibly list all of my favor [...]

    2. I ve never thought of myself as someone who gives a lot of criticism, but this made me much aware of the criticism I do give and whether I m giving it appropriately I could probably write pages about the things I learned from this book Here are some of the things that stood out and sorryis is kind of stream of consciousness recording my memories of what I learned.With only a few exceptions, we are not called to judge others, we are called to love them So with few exceptions, we have no right to [...]

    3. The message in this book was, for me, life changing.I was expecting to find a book that would help me phrase my critical opinions better so that the other person would be apt to do things my way I know I m like that Instead, I ve become open to the idea of not criticizing AT ALL except in things over which I have authority which are few Clearly, this can only make me and the people around me happier.I can t stress enough how empowering this book has been for me I plan on skimming the pages and [...]

    4. Save money and buy this book instead of going to a counselor for any relationship problems I love how the principles in this book can be applied to my relationships with my parents, siblings, children, spouse, in laws, friends anyone I also want others to know that this book is definitely targeted to an LDS Mormon audience quoting LDS sources to make points However, I still think the message is timeless and could solve a lot of the world s problems no matter what religion people are Can t wait t [...]

    5. I read this as an LDS missionary, and have since become an atheist Many of the lessons I learned growing up in church aren t very applicable with a secular humanist mindset However, the lessons in this book still guide me frequently They stand true, independent of the scriptures and authoritative quotes from church leaders used to support and expand on them For me, they were and still are life changing, profound, and extremely useful.It s been years since I read the book, but I just want to shar [...]

    6. Mike and I took a marriage class from this author when we were engaged He was such a fun, engaging speaker that knew his stuff I decided to read this book after I had a difficult encounter with a very toxic personality I didn t handle myself as best I could in the situation either and wanted some insight and direction on how I could do better in the future.This book was so insightful and helpful The first few chapters were hard to get through although, they were very informative and necessary as [...]

    7. This book is in my top 5 favorite books It was required reading for my marriage and family therapy classes I have read it no less than 16 times I also have it on audio Dr John L Lund presents, in a direct and sincere manner, steps we can take to Change our approach to giving and receiving criticism as disciples of Jesus Christ Dr Lund tells how we can lead ourselves and other toward positive change without falling into the unrighteous traps like judgment and contention He also shows how to recog [...]

    8. I stumbled onto this book in our local library It was on audio cassette, and I thought, For 1 it s worth listening to Wow What a gem John Lund has changed my life, my heart, and my approach to people in general Even though change is hard, it makes me want to try and live the higher law of no criticism in my life Hard to do, but John gives hope, encouragement, and very specific ways to at least try and be a much better person, parent, friend, and spouse I will admit that I ve had to read the book [...]

    9. Wow, this book is fantastic As a person who both has a hard time receiving criticism and criticizes way too often, this was eye opening and life changing I m going to buy it and work through all the homework at the end of each chapter didn t have time to do that now because it was a library book I love how the author uses scriptures and quotes from prophets to teach principles Right from the beginning, when he talks about how you should only give criticism to a person that is under your stewards [...]

    10. I expected an intellectual, academic book what I got was a religious book That being said, for a religious book on giving and taking criticism it wasn t bad, but it was also primarily written for Mormons, which I am not, so a lot of the references were outside of my realm of experience While the book had some good points, and I legitimately took away some emotional insight that I do feel like will help me in conflict, it just wasn t what I was looking for when I picked it up It also seemed to sm [...]

    11. This book was EXCELLENT An eye opener to me on some things that I do in my relationships and I really need to cut it out As soon as I finished reading this a year or so ago I felt like I should pick it up and start over again This information needs to be pounded into my brain If you are married, have family, extended family, co workers, if you ever leave home and are in contact with other people you should read this book I should probably go read it again right now I went to a series of talks by [...]

    12. Although the subtitle of the book is about giving and receiving criticism, a lot of the book is about NOT giving criticism and why It is about loving and encouraging people.The teachings in this book provide enough work for a lifetime of improvement I listened to the book on CD and really enjoyed the teachings, although they are difficult to implement Now I am reading the book slowly reading a chapter and then working to put it into practice It is a great companion to the teachings in the book I [...]

    13. A great inside into one s personal life of how we criticize people without even knowing it, or not realizing the impact that it has on a person It is also an amazing book that shares how to righteously give and receive criticism to those who are in our stewardship There were some great points and ideas I had never even thought about because people complain and criticize so easily that it seems second nature I listened to this book first on audio, which was wonderful And now I ve found it at a se [...]

    14. Another book I don t remember why I put on hold but when it came I decided to give it a listen I like John Lund It was very good with some great ideas on how to give and take criticism and ways to handle critical people This takes work and practice and in the end it is about making relationships better It is from an LDS perspective but aside from the scriptures used to support some of his ideas could be used by anyone I suspect there is another non LDS book that says much the same sort of thing. [...]

    15. This book is a must read by everyone The author takes you down a path that shows the devastating effect that criticism has In it the case is made that in almost all cases it would be better to not criticize The book also gives great insight into handle being criticized Even though this book is written with a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints point of view the insights gained can be appreciated by anyone.

    16. This was a really good book with some great ideas There were concepts that I will definitely take to heart and use try hard to use in the future There are a few that seem a little over the top to me, but I understand the principles I think this is a great book to read, especially for people who feel like they re dealing with a lot of criticism giving or receiving But even for people who have good relationships, to continue building them and treating each other with love.

    17. This book is greatI was spending some time with my 80 year old mother, read her a few sections and I never saw the book again I had to buy myself another copy Coming from a family that has critical thinking and critical giving down to an art form, this book was a huge eye opener Reading it was a very humbling experience and at the same time very healing.

    18. Bought this at BYU education week I thought it would help me correct my children when they were in their teens Stupid me it basically states no need for criticism, just unconditional love Humbled me The title I have is just The Art of Giving and Receiving Criticism Sure this is just a newer edition It is the same author.

    19. Reading this for the second time it is absolutely one to return to again and again It focuses on being less critical, level headed and seeing others through Christ s eyes Its advice and challenges are specific enough to inspire actual change Everyone who is a friend, lover, employee, manager, parent or child NEEDS this book In other words, EVERYONE needs this book

    20. A book that will be read over again It started a little slow for me but was a thought provoking read Self Evaluation is sometimes harsh and healing Too many chapters read like they were written right for me That s why I will need to read it again, to see if I have learned and changed.

    21. This is a humbling read, but a good one It made me realize how often I unconsciously judge others and gave me some good ideas on how to improve I purchased the book so I could make it a life long study.

    22. I took several classes from Dr Lund and learned a lot from him This book helped me to realize it isn t our place to criticize others and it is great to have on hand to remind us of this from time to time.

    23. Great book This book helps you think through the criticism that you shouldn t be speaking and helps you change your thinking so that you re not thinking the criticism at all It s book I ll likely be reading many times in my life.

    24. I found this a life changing book John Lund has a handle on the scriptures and what it means to have Christlike love that is both informative and inspiring I recently purchased this book on CD so that I can listen to it again and again and hopefully incorporate the suggestions in my life.

    25. A few chapters into this book and I must say, it is a keeper I will be working on this for the rest of my life O.K The first 1 2 was a 5, but then it got a bit redundant Still a total keeper and a vital read for anyone I can t tell you how much I got out of it WOW I need work.

    26. this is the greatest book ever i actually have it on CD and in paperback because i love it so much this is taking me a long time to implement, but it is one of the best mormon self help books out there.

    27. This is a divine audio tape Michelle Johnson recommended to me I listened to it after HOW TO LOVE A PORCUPINE Very humbling and it does a good job of TEACHING why criticism is so deadly in ALL forms We DESTRUCT when we use it The point is to BUILD

    28. This book was a little hard to read because It was something I needed to work on However the insights I gleaned were amazing For example, that we need to be aware of when it is not our role to criticize and just love instead.

    29. This is an absolute must read for every one I Don t believe it matters how good of a communicator you believe yourself to be, this book can make you better This should be required reading in all schools, universities, businesses, etc everywhere.

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