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Bently & Egg William Joyce Bently Egg A springtime comedy celebrating new life friendship and fatherhood by the incomparable creator of A Day With Wilbur Robinson Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures with the Family Lazardo and George Shri

  • Title: Bently & Egg
  • Author: William Joyce
  • ISBN: 9780613029377
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bently & Egg William Joyce A springtime comedy celebrating new life, friendship, and fatherhood by the incomparable creator of A Day With Wilbur Robinson, Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures with the Family Lazardo, and George Shrinks.
    Bently & Egg William Joyce

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    1. Cute story about a sweet, artistic and adventuresome frog who watches over the egg of his best friend while she is out visiting But, when he decides to paint the boring egg, a little boy mistakes it for an Easter egg and snatches it from the grass Now, Bently must find a way to get it back The ensuing adventure is great fun and it s nice when Bently finally feels attached to the egg just the way it is, rather than wishing it were something interesting.

    2. A silly, whimsical romp, pleasant and droll New edition, originally published by Harper in 1992.

    3. Bently Egg is a great story about a frog with a best friend that is a duck It tells the story of the frog, Bently, watching Kack Kack s egg and it getting picked up by a boy on an Easter Egg hunt Bently goes through all obstacles to save the egg for her friend the duck The theme of this story is friendship Bently is willing to do whatever it takes to save the egg so that he can keep the friendship of his Kack Kack The book is full of colorful characters, mostly animals that talk to each other in [...]

    4. When Bently the frog s friend, the young widow Ack Ack the Duck, asks him to watch her egg, he agrees with reluctance Noticing how bare and blank the egg looks, Bently decides to paint it When a little boy finds the beautifully decorated item, he mistakes it for an Easter egg, and eggnapps it Bently launches a rescue attempt that eventually results in him flying, floating, swimming, and negotiating for the egg Though he successfully returns the egg to the nest, the decorations on the shell are g [...]

    5. Bentley is a frog who loves music He sings his own songs to his friends in the pond and especially Kack Kack and lady duck and his best friend.One day Kack Kack lays an egg but must rush off to visit her sister and her new baby ducklings She entrusts her egg to Bently.Bently is not thrilled by this but is soon taken on a series of adventures as the egg is threatened In all his efforts to save the egg, Bently finds that he cares for the little thing In the end Bently receives a wonderful surprise [...]

    6. Very sweet little story, one of the author s earlier picture books 1992 The story is a wonderful reflection on acceptance of change and how good things can come about from that journey I have read and enjoyed later juvenile fiction books, especially the illustration work, and you can see his development Being and earlier work, the illustrations in this one aren t as vivid and edgy, much gentle, perfect for the 4 8 target audience I was happy to see this hasn t gone out of print, but was actuall [...]

    7. This is a delightful story of the friendship between Bently an artistic frog, and Kack Kack his nurturing mother duck friend When Kack Kack s beautiful painted egg is grabbed by a rough little boy, while Bently the frog is babysitting it, the challenge to retrieve it proves daunting This adventurous tale takes many twists and turns for the fragile painted egg, and heroic Bently the frog The painted illustrations are fresh and wonderful.

    8. As always, the illustrations were phenomenal and so very detailed The story was sweet and all three of my girls liked it But, they didn t love it like some of his other books.

    9. 2001 January 1I really like Joyce I love his visual style, and I find his stories amusing And frankly his Santa Calls knocks The Polar Express into a cocked hat of holiday rejects.But I should warn you, the kids never shared my enthusiasm I blame myself Joyce is too mature for little kids What toddler wants to hear the story of a man coming to terms with impending fatherhood, even if it is allegorical Ah, but a ten year old can borrow her mother s stash of books and enjoy them on her own, just f [...]

    10. Bently Hopperton is a dapper little frog, but when he is entrusted with the precious egg of a friend and his artistic flair leads the poor thing to be eggnapped, he knows he must do what he must to retrieve it.This is a book I definitely remember seeing as a kid that rabbit on the cover is crazy familiar , but I don t really remember ever reading it In later years I recognized William Joyce s work, so it was fun to read this Eastertime jaunt I relate to Bently Hopperton probably than I should e [...]

    11. When his friend Kack Kack the duck is called away to see her sister s seven hatchlings, Bently the frog is left to watch over the egg He doesn t understand it s importance He thinks it rather boring looking so he paints it But then the egg is mistaken for an Easter egg and is egg napped by a young boy Bently immediately sets out in pursuit In his quest to retrieve the egg, Bently meets many interesting and imaginative creatures He himself has many adventures He finally gets the egg to safety and [...]

    12. This is a delightful children s book with story and pix by William Joyce, a terrific CB illustrator The story is about a frog, Bently, who is left in charge of his duck friend Kack Kack s egg which he decides to paint as he thinks it is too dull and pale only the first of his many adventures with the egg It s a particularly good story to read aloud to children, especially when Bently bursts into song.

    13. A frog and duck are close friends One day the duck, Kack Kack, wants to leave to go see her sister s new ducklings so she leaves her egg with the frog, Bently Bently thinks the egg is rather dull so paints it up really pretty only to have it snatched away by a boy who thinks it s an Easter egg Bently braves many scary and dangerous situations to get the egg back.Lovely illustrations by William Joyce.

    14. My favorite aside from Morris Less Bentley is so artistic, and loving and though reluctant to spend his time babysitting, or eggsitting, he grows to love his adopted mother s first child, and protects it with all his being The most touching moment was where the egg finally hatches, and Bentley experiences the joy of a new life coming into the world.Yet another wonderful story created by one of America s greatest authors.

    15. Such a sweet and adventurous book Bently the frog paints his friend s egg, and that s where all the trouble starts They go on a really fun adventure, meeting people, stuffed elephants, fancy hats, and .Very fun kids will love the adventures they get into.Awesome illustrations too.Haiku Review One little egg andone persistent frog have lotsof fun adventures

    16. Bently loves to sing and he loves to draw Kack Kack is his one and only friend when she leaves a on trip she asks Bently to please watch her egg Oh boy, that was a much complicated task then he first imagined, but as he and the egg go through so much together he learns to love the egg just the way it is.

    17. E JOYBently loves to sing and he loves to draw Kack Kack is his one and only friend when she leaves a on trip she asks Bently to please watch her egg Oh boy, that was a much complicated task then he first imagined, but as he and the egg go through so much together he learns to love the egg just the way it is.

    18. A lovely picture book about learning to make friends while keeping the one that you have The illustrations are lush and gorgeous, and the story happening around Easter time is a great one for readers 4 and up.

    19. On National Book Lovers Day last week, my cousin shared that this is her favorite book I requested it from the library and read it with my son tonight It is like no other story I had heard My boy gives it 4 1 2 stars, but of course 1 2 stars are not allowed.

    20. Check out this author, Sarah I especially love Bently and the Egg Probably a bit too sophisticated for baby Sam just yet, but you might enjoy it

    21. Utterly captivating, hilarious illustrations For a picture book, this is chock full of unique vocabulary This book is a gem

    22. The story and illustrations are great, and the language is elevated enough to make it very enjoyable to read over and over.

    23. Quite a tale that held Inara s attention throughout an impressive accomplishment for such a long story being read to a three year old.

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