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The Great Lenore J.M. Tohline The Great Lenore Fiction Winner of the Independent Publisher Book Award IPPY Gold Medal for Best Fiction from the U S Northeast Region The tale of a ravishing young Brit whose falsely reported death provides her

  • Title: The Great Lenore
  • Author: J.M. Tohline
  • ISBN: 9780984510559
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Great Lenore J.M. Tohline Fiction Winner of the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Award IPPY Gold Medal for Best Fiction from the U.S Northeast Region The tale of a ravishing young Brit whose falsely reported death provides her with an opportunity to begin a new life Before she can disappear for good, however, she longs to know the reaction of her two timing husband and his aristocratic family.Fiction Winner of the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Award IPPY Gold Medal for Best Fiction from the U.S Northeast Region The tale of a ravishing young Brit whose falsely reported death provides her with an opportunity to begin a new life Before she can disappear for good, however, she longs to know the reaction of her two timing husband and his aristocratic family To find out, Lenore enlists Richard an outsider in the money and booze sodden landscape of Nantucket high society to be her eyes and ears As events unfold, Richard discovers the entanglements of Lenore s relationships are intricate than he ever expected intricate even than the secrets within Lenore s miniature punt boat This elegant debut paints an idyllic island surrounded by reflective seas and encased in a world where souls collide, mysteries thicken, and dreams unravel.
    The Great Lenore J.M. Tohline

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      J.M. Tohline

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    1. this book really makes me want to read Zuleika Dobson again, even though technically it is a retelling of The Great Gatsby s probably nothing like zd except that it centers around a beautiful, vivacious woman who drives all the boys to distraction, it is both comical and deeply tragic, and there is probably a lot of drinking i don t actually remember the drinking quantity in z.d so richard is a novelist, struggling with that second novel curse, house sitting in one of the wealthy enclaves of nan [...]

    2. This book was recommended to me after shortly after I joined GoodReads by someone who thought it matched my tastes I was very happy to have a chance to try a title that I had previously not heard of, and I am happy to review it, but was not impressed I felt that this book really lacked depth in both the story and the characters It seems rather than taking the time to make you believe something about a character, the author just tells you explicitly what he wants you to know At first I thought ma [...]

    3. I loved this book The mystery, the world of the rich with tremendous problems, a beautiful setting, deep characters you could touchbut most of all, I loved the words As gorgeous and enduring as a classic It s been some weeks since I finished it, but I still feel the sea mist, still worry about the characters and their choices and still wonder about Lenore This is a must add to your summer reading list.

    4. The Great Lenore by J.M Tohline Just imagine You are an author who was once nominated for a National Book Award You are working on a new novel, but your life is crazy You yearn to get away, go to the seashore, and let the ocean inspire you On Nantucket, you can write as you please, watch the waves, and fill your head with your characters so that they come alive on the page Imagine you are Richard Parkland, the narrator of J.M Tohline s debut novel The Great Lenore Writing is the last thing you e [...]

    5. Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally This slim debut novel by J.M Tohline has an interesting conceit at its core cleverly combining details from Edgar Allen Poe s The Raven and F Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby but neither of their actual plots, it tells the story of a young novelist invited to housesit a mansion in Nantucket one winter, eventually [...]

    6. Gatsby esque, but also riffing on Poe s The Raven, this novel could not seem to make up it s mind The Lenore character is so flat and shallow that the plot leaks like a sieve Lenore unwittingly breaks hearts, leaving a trail of drunk and wallowing corporate men children in her wake As if this siren femme fatal figure isn t disturbing enough, the novel only features two women, the impossible to have Lenore, and another woman, Cecilia, who the narrator sleeps with and promptly dumps because she is [...]

    7. you notice in this book of communications interpersonal relationships there is only one and this reported at 3rd person conversation between women all, all others are men men, woman man, women men , and author notes that most of our verbal spew is just noise making, with no real communication going on that lack of women talking together minus one star the trite ghoulishness of rich people being rich, tortured, mean and conflicted, mehat minus one stare frankness, the and , tighter and tighter, [...]

    8. Read 7 4 13 7 6 134 Stars Highly recommended to fans of modern gothic literature and fuckedupperyPgs 204Publisher Atticus BookI cracked open The Great Lenore two days ago which I ve been holding on to ever since I met its author JM Tohline at AWP in March in anticipation of its upcoming Author Reader discussion in August, and despite my typical dislike of gothic, faux memoir ish, tragic literature, I found myself instantly intrigued by Tohline s teasing narrative He pulls you in, he pushes you a [...]

    9. This is the same review I posted on A few other reviewers called The Great Lenore rich and satisfying , captivating , engulfing , riveting , and a breath of fresh air It is all of that and This is quality literature with a fantastic story not just another throw away novel I ve read my share of those I thoroughly enjoyed The Great Lenore It was wonderful I m still thinking about it, and that s the best part It stays with you It wasn t a long book but there was much packed into those pages The bo [...]

    10. I almost decided to give this 3 stars, but I just didn t enjoy it enough It wasn t terrible, it was just a little empty I didn t particularly like any of the characters They re all pretty flat in spite of their unfortunate situations, and I thought Lenore was incredibly dull I was very intrigued by the idea behind this book, but it just doesn t achieve all that it could It didn t really make me feel anything On to the writing The review at the front of the book describes it as lyrical without be [...]

    11. Let me tell you a funny story about what happened to me on my way to the grocery store It s around 10am, and I m walking out of my house to my car, and the mailman is just coming up my walkway with a box I go back inside to open it, because, hey, you know, I have a strict no package left behind policy , and much to my delight it s my copy of The Great Lenore.Well, I ve been dying to get my hands on this book, so I figured I d sit down for a couple of minutes and just read a couple of chapters Wh [...]

    12. If I had to pick one word to describe this book, it would be refreshing Breaking away from the pack, The Great Lenore does a wonderful job of exploring deep thematic elements that speak to the choices people make and the consequences which accompany them Because I have children, I had to read this book in short increments I m glad of it because I had time to digest what I was reading and ponder the question, Is it ever too late to do the right thing hint it s notbut Tohline moves you to think we [...]

    13. The Great Lenore by JM Tohline is one of those really rare finds written so that it seems to sing to you in its pages Lenore will quickly pull you in, make you laugh and cry and think all while making you appreciate the wonderfully fascinating and lyrical way in which it s told A beautifully written story about love about passion, sacrifice, pain and forgiveness.One that will stay on my shelf to enjoy again and again and again.Here is a new voice so refreshing and so powerful, I can hardly wait [...]

    14. I was recommended this book by a random woman named Esther on It seems maybe a little strange, in hindsight, that this Esther has an email address listed with the name Jordan you know, like the Jordan who wrote this terrible book but that may perhaps be neither here nor there Jordan would not be the first mediocre author to troll , recommending his terrible book, so I won t put him on blast for that.I will however, put him on blast for recommending his book to me, solely based upon the fact that [...]

    15. I had high expectations for this book and started off very optimistic I loved the description of the northeast coast setting, and the narrator, Richard, is initially very likeable and approachable However, the I read, the frustrated I got A few things in particular irritated me 1 The CONSTANT repetition of Somewhere a clock ticked, somewhere time disappeared It was powerful the first time the author wrote it, but after that, it just read as forced and pathetic Phrases and meaning should be sub [...]

    16. I found The Great Lenore most intriguing It s the sort of book that I really feel I need to re read before commenting on it in depth And I also feel the need to re read Gatsby one of my all time greats yet again and compare the two carefully.Richard, the narrator, is very like Nick, the narrator in Gatsby Lenore is just like Daisy a woman who seems to promise so much but who actually is an empty vessel with nothing of any value to offer She s a toxic tease she plays with the emotions of those w [...]

    17. I read this book in one exhilarating sitting , as Mr Tohline says The writing is charming and reminiscent of an earlier age, perhaps the twenties The characters are well drawn and likeable for the most part And the mystery of Lenore carries you through the book to arrive at the shocking ending.It s a glimpse into the affluent life of Nantucket high society, all the quirks, the dreams and the lifestyle The plot will have you guessing, and the mystery will drive you through the book without coming [...]

    18. The Great Lenore tells a story of a mesmerizing woman who uses her wiles to manipulate not only her cheating husband but virtually every man she meets I was captivated by this book Tohline s stilted, unassuming writing style kept me intrigued and I was able to read this book very quickly I love a story that leaves you wondering where the characters are now even though only fiction Shortly into the book, each character becomes real, the settings and feelings are felt, the reader secures their own [...]

    19. That JM Tohline, a twenty six year old author writing a debut novel, dares to pen a lovingly lyrical homage to F Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby, arguably the Great American Novel, gives me hope for the future of fiction As Fitzgerald s last line of that beautiful novel continues to haunt generations of devoted bibliophiles So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past perhaps Tohline s opening will prove equally memorable When I first met Lenore, she d been [...]

    20. JM Tohline opens The Great Lenore with a dedication Dear Reader, Take this book and fly.An auspicious opening, but one setting the bar high for the writer So the question is, does Lenore have wings The characters of The Great Lenore are an ensemble thrown together largely by chance, and book surrounds the wave one young woman s existence casts on the seemingly calm surface of their lives All who meet Lenore love her All who meet Lenore are changed by her.From the point of view of Richard, a succ [...]

    21. Title The Great LenoreAuthor J M TohlinePublisher Atticus BooksRating 4 Shots of Espresso The Red Eye I would first like to thank Atticus Books for graciously sending me a copy of Tohline s book to review The Great Lenore was published June 15 2011.Enjoy sensationalized mysteries that are grounded in the reality of life Catch J M Tohline s recently released debut novel, The Great Lenore Set in between the winter vacation homes of Nantucket and within the narrator s writerly head The Great Lenore [...]

    22. I won an ARC for The Great Lenore I was expecting it to be very good What I did not expect was that I would not be able to set it down It is a great book The story is crafted with an expert s touch It s from the perspective of the main character, Richard But really, the main character is the world he creates a world which is a web of connections, relations, lies, and decisions Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive Sir Walter ScottThe webs in The Great Lenore are indee [...]

    23. Before I review The Great Lenore I feel like I need to explain how I rate a book gives me five stars therefore I rate in this manner Plot 1 starCharacter 1 starProse 1 starDialogue 1 starEntertainment 1 starI believe The Great Lenore deserves a solid four stars It s a well written novel with beautiful prose, and such a great deal of time has been spent polishing this book, that I believe you could look into the pages and behold your reflection It read so well that I was able to dive into the sto [...]

    24. Thank goodness that even though Tohline is being compared to authors like Fitzgerald and Salinger he isn t horrible like they are The only comparison I can make between this new author and the two I mentioned was they all do share a similar style The difference between the them would be that Tohline can actually write a well developed novel while the other two babbled and made no sense at all for a couple hundred pages I heard about this book a few months ago when a friend of Tohline s was makin [...]

    25. Read this book You will not regret it Lovely, tragic and quite a bit too short Maybe because Richard, like Nick Carraway, is the narrator without being completely involved in the story maybe because you re left feeling that the book was too short and maybe because the ending, The End that Richard talks about so often, triggers a memory of the green light that tomorrow may bring us closer to, this book reminded me of The Great Gatsby For me, an enormous fan of Gatsby, this is high praise Incredib [...]

    26. I won this book in a FirstReads giveaway The story was about a well read novelist who goes to a friend s summer home to work on his second novel He doesn t get the chance to do so, however, as he is pulled into the drama of a well off family vacationing next door The main drama is about Lenore, a woman who is supposedly an everywoman someone everyone thinks is perfects and adores, who unhappily married into the rich family and decides to fake her death because she finds out her husband cheated o [...]

    27. 3,5 di rating.Si inizia il libro e si viene abbagliati dall affetto che tutti sembrano provare verso Lenore, noi lettori insieme al protagonista siamo sommersi di rivelazioni su questa donna che sembra essere amata da chiunque la incontri Tutti dicono che perfetta e che per capire bisognerebbe conoscerla Io l ho conosciuta grazie a Richard e se lui rimasto effettivamente abbagliato da tutti i suoi pregi e le sue doti, io ho iniziato a storcere il naso Nessuno pu essere cos tanto perfetto, nemmen [...]

    28. this book was good definitely a page turner it was basically a modern take on the great gatsby with some curve balls thrown in and it bothered me a bit that it was SO similar to the great gatsbymmilarities lenore daisychas tom buchananrichard similar to nick caraway jez gatsbyjez killed by chas lover gatsby is killed by lover s husband but similar idea the car yellow lily s husband is named WILSON which is the last name of the lover in the great gatsby east cost Massachusetts is pretty close to [...]

    29. So, where to begin Let s start by saying I m not impressed This book was recommended by someone after I finished The Great Gatsby, and the only thing I found the two have in common besides wealthy characters and tragedy is the word Great in the title So, so, disappointed in this book, as I really wanted to like it The characters are shallow, unlike able, and forgettable I felt no investment in them The plot meanders along randomly piecing together tidbits I desperately hoped would materialize in [...]

    30. To be completely honest, a lot of this book irritated frustrated me There was some repetition of phrases and some characterization that I didn t quite enjoy especially of Lenore herself, who is constantly described as being perfect without ever truly justifying that description with her actions That being said, this book was incredible I found myself engrossed in the unraveling mystery, completely fascinated by this obscenely wealthy First World setting and its utterly believable characters, wit [...]

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